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Saturday, May 21, 2016

#Trendvision VICENZAORO: Italian Passion. Made With Love at LUXURY by JCK

Luxury Booth LUX600.

VICENZAORO: Italian Passion. Made With Love will be located at the entrance of Shorelines, Level 2, in the same area as Luxury, Prestige, and the Plumb Club. The different hearts of the Italian gold and jewellery manufacturing trade will be represented, with innovative and branded signage and a strong visual impact, in line with an all-Italian style and elegance. In addition, VICENZAORO will be present at Luxury Booth LUX600.

Greenwich St. Jewelers Celebrates 40 Years with a New Name and Website

from Press Release

Greenwich St. Jewelers Celebrates 40 Years 
with a New Name and Website

Owners Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale rebrand their 
New York Financial District store by celebrating past and future

Greenwich St. Jewelers, formerly Greenwich Jewelers, announces a rebranding of its name and a new website, to celebrate its 40th anniversary in New York's Financial District. Due to its origins on Greenwich Street, the store now includes "St." within its name and logo. "Our parents, Carl and Milly Gandia, opened the store in 1976 and only changed the store's location after the September 11th attacks, when structural damage to their building led to a move onto nearby Trinity Place," says Jennifer Gandia, who is now the co-owner of the store, along with her sister, Christina Gandia Gambale. "The new name honors our roots as a downtown New York City retail brand. But the rebranding also conveys how we have evolved into a 21st century store."
Jennifer Gandia, co-owner of the store, along with her sister, Christina Gandia Gambale.
In addition to the name change, the sisters worked with New York City branding agency, Established, to create a new Greenwich St. Jewelers logo with a chiseled, artisanal look that celebrates modern jewelry shoppers' embrace of handcraft and custom design – both of which the store offers. The owners selected a complementary typeface for its communications in print and online, which embodies the sleek and minimal styles also popular in contemporary jewelry. The store is well-known for its curated selection of designer jewelry. The new logo also plays well in online usage, where it will be seen as "G.St" for today's mobile shoppers and social media followers. Along with the new logo, Greenwich St. Jewelers has adopted a custom dark-blue brand color, with the logo appearing in rose gold whenever possible. The new colors and logo will appear in-store, online, and on the business's new boxes and bags.

The Gandia sisters, who took over the business from their parents, after earlier careers in fashion marketing and finance (respectively), were among the early adopters of Internet sales in jewelry. As a result, their website redesign is their fourth in-depth response to changing online shopping patterns in the past 10 years. "We've learned what web surfing consumers want, and what drives them crazy, and we've committed to offering them a simple and straightforward shopping experience online, which reflects current best practices," says Christina Gandia Gambale.

Along with benefiting from the growth of online sales, the Gandias have also witnessed the Financial District transform from a strictly Monday-Friday business district to a residential one, too. The change brings a range of customers to them on weekends as well as during the week. "It's been incredible to watch the area become a highly desirable retail destination," says Gambale. "We feel lucky to be located in this exciting part of an ever changing city."

Early on in their tenure, the sisters decided to add a fashionable selection of jewelry, curated by them, to their store's mix of merchandise, and that practice isn't changing. "We take an intimate and personal approach to helping our clients select jewelry that reflects 21st century shoppers' diverse interests in fashion, design, style, and art," says Jennifer Gandia, who is also the store's creative director. "Thus, our selections range from classic to contemporary to truly avant-garde."

Greenwich St. Jewelers will continue to present an extensive selection of designer engagement and wedding rings, as well as a range of other jewelry by sought-after and emerging fine jewelry designers. Its loose diamonds are sourced from known suppliers who are Kimberley Process-compliant and do business only in non-conflict countries. The store is also a magnet for customers seeking custom design and skillful recycling, restoration, and repair services, which are executed by an on-site master jeweler. The owners train their behind-the-counter jewelry specialists extensively, too, to help patrons with diverse needs. On-site gemologists have been trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). A personal shopper service, via phone and email, brings the store's specialist expertise to distant customers.

The retailer, a destination store for engagement rings, also offers lifetime engagement ring and general jewelry care services, which include a one-time free ring resizing, as well as cleaning and polishing and other services. A new service, G.St BRILLIANT, adds additional annual care specifically for engagement rings, which includes prong re-tipping, stone tightening, and restoration of finishes and plating, where needed, for these daily-wear jewels.

To learn more about Greenwich St. Jewelers, go to or visit its boutique at 64 Trinity Place in downtown New York's Financial District.

About Greenwich St. JewelersGreenwich St. Jewelers, located in New York's Financial District, offers an intimate, personal experience for clients, both in-store and online. Owners and sisters, Jennifer Gandia and Christina Gandia Gambale, second generation jewelers, are personally involved in every aspect of their family business. Their parents, Carl and Milly Gandia, opened the store in 1976 on Greenwich Street, moving to Trinity Place in 2002. The sisters added a contemporary, curated selection of designer jewelry to complement the store's already-deserved reputation for exceptional service and on-site expertise. The result is a breadth of handpicked jewelry, from classic to contemporary to truly avant-garde, targeted to today's contemporary wedding shoppers, as well as jewelry collectors. For more information, visit

Begin Your AGTA Story Enter the 2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Now!


Begin Your AGTA Story
Enter the 2016 Summer AGTA Spectrum Awards™ Now!
Actress Alex Meneses wearing 2016 AGTA Spectrum Award-winning pieces from
Campbellian, Naomi Sarna Designs, E.Eichberg, Inc and Sarosi by Timeless Gems.

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3030 LBJ Frwy., Ste. 840 
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Location to be determined.
All paperwork and payments are due to the AGTA office on
June 17, 2016.

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Open to U.S. and Canadian companies only.

#Birthstones A Very Green Spring....Emeralds at Auction

Most of the Emeralds featured are from the 
Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels Auction 
17 MAY 2016 | GENEVA | 10:00 AM CEST

#GIA #GemsAndGemology Examination of the Largest Canadian Diamond

Reprinted with permission of GIA - will appear in the Summer 2016 issue of Gems & Gemology.

Examination of the Largest Canadian Diamond

John King, Kyaw Soe Moe, and Wuyi Wang
With the first major discoveries made 25 years ago, diamond mining in Canada is relatively new. The Diavik mine, located in the Northwest Territories about 300 kilometers (190 miles) northeast of Yellowknife, went under construction in 2001 and began production in 2003. Today Diavik is Canada’s largest diamond mine by volume, producing approximately six to seven million carats of gem-quality diamonds annually. Much has been reported about Diavik’s extensive efforts to ensure the long-term protection of the land, water, and wildlife that are integral to local traditions and daily life in the Northwest Territories.

Adding to the significance of the Diavik mine was the August 2015 recovery of the largest rough diamond ever found in Canada. GIA’s laboratory in New York recently had the opportunity to study this historic stone. The rough weighed 187.66 ct and measured 36.96 × 32.99 × 16.80 mm. Under standard color grading lighting conditions, it appeared pale yellow (figure 1). One side of the diamond displayed clear iridescent color banding due to light interference along the cleavage planes (figure 2, left). The stone showed irregular morphology, with a tabular shape, and was dominated by cleavage faces. Some original faces with dissolution pits were clearly visible (figure 2, center).
187.66 “cape” diamond from the Diavik mine
Figure 1. This pale yellow type Ia “cape” diamond from the Diavik mine, weighing 187.66 ct, is the largest Canadian diamond to date. Photo by Sood Oil (Judy) Chia.
When observed under a gemological microscope, the irregular surface etching limited our ability to see clearly into all areas of the diamond. A dark mineral inclusion was noted near one side of the rough (figure 2, right), but little else was readily apparent. Crossed polarizing plates did not reveal any areas of strain. The stone exhibited moderate blue fluorescence to long-wave UV radiation and faint yellow fluorescence to short-wave UV; no phosphorescence was observed. Absorption spectroscopy in the infrared region revealed that it was a type Ia diamond with a very high concentration of nitrogen. A weak hydrogen-related absorption at 3107 cm–1 was also recorded. UV visible absorption spectroscopy, performed at liquid nitrogen temperature, showed typical “cape” lines, with clear absorption peaks at 415 and 478 nm. No other absorption was detected in the UV-Vis region. These gemological and spectroscopic observations confirmed that this was a natural, untreated diamond. 
187.66 “cape” diamond from the Diavik mine
Figure 2. Iridescent color can be seen along the cleavage plane on one side of the stone (left). Dissolution pits are observed on the surface of the yellow rough (center), and a dark mineral inclusion is clearly visible near the surface (right). Photomicrographs by Kyaw Soe Moe; field of view 14.52 mm (left), 4.79 mm (center), and 7.19 mm (right).
The diamond will undergo further scrutiny during the cutting process, in which it will be carefully designed, shaped, faceted, and polished. It will be interesting to see if the rough yields a significant main diamond or is cut into several smaller gems.
John King is chief quality officer, Kyaw Soe Moe is a researcher, and Wuyi Wang is director of research and development at GIA’s New York laboratory.

#JWLV #JewelryPreview Join Us In Welcoming Erica Courtney Jewelry to LUXURY by JCK

Erica Courtney Jewelry
Salon 801

I am VERY excited to announce that Red Carpet Jewelry Designer, 
Erica Courtney will be showing at LUXURY by JCK.


Easter Egg Ring in Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamonds 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

#JWLV #JewelryPreview Don't Miss TAKAT in the Elite Enclave at LUXURY by JCK

... is OVER THE TOP LUXURY at it's best!
Booth - LUX EE7 
in the Elite Enclave
Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino


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