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Sunday, November 19, 2017


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The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), global standards-setting and certification organization for the entire jewellery supply chain, announced it had agreed on a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with DMCC to work cooperatively on advancing their shared objectives of improving corporate social responsibility and responsible supply chain efforts in the jewellery supply chain.

RJC welcomes this new formal relationship with DMCC, through which the two organizations will work together to achieve common goals and strengthen collective efforts towards responsible business practices, supporting RJC membership growth and certification reach in the UAE. The RJC is making good progress in the UAE and is committed to working with the local industry and institutions to fully integrate with this market. As a key part of this increasing commitment Kinjal Shah, RJC Regional Director of India and the Middle East will work closely with the DMCC and the industry on these efforts.
RJC Executive Director, Andrew Bone and Ahmed Bin Sulayem, DMCC Executive Chairman during the signing ceremony in Dubai.
DMCC is a government entity and the world’s most interconnected Free Zone, dedicated to enhancing Dubai’s position as the global gateway for commodities trade by creating an environment for business to flourish, providing world class of physical, financial and smart infrastructure as well as services and expertise to build marketplaces for success. DMCC also encourages its 14,100 member companies to conduct business in a transparent and responsible manner through its regulatory standards and strong alignment with global entities such as the RJC.

Under the MoU, RJC and DMCC will:
  • Work together to collect data intelligence to manage risk and enhance industry reputation in the UAE.
  • Develop methods and bespoke materials to raise awareness and educate the local industry and beyond on solutions to implement robust sustainability efforts and ethical business practices.
  • Develop joint communications and outreach programs to promote the implementation of responsible business practices through various industry events.

Andrew Bone, Executive Director of the RJC said, “We are really pleased to work closely with the DMCC to promote sustainability and ethical business practices in the jewellery supply chain in the UAE. Together, the DMCC and RJC can leverage each other’s knowledge and expertise regarding the challenges and issues the industry faces to instill a responsible supply chain and promote consumer confidence in the watch and fine jewellery industry. We are looking forward to a rewarding and mutually beneficial collaboration between our two organizations.”

“At DMCC, we believe that a CSR roadmap is a step-by-step process of continuous improvement and collaboration with key global entities. This MoU with RJC is an important milestone for us that will enhance a better future of trade for all, and we are proud to lead this process in the UAE in close partnership with the RJC”, said Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC. 
Gautam Sashittal, DMCC Chief Executive Officer; Andrew Bone, RJC Executive Director and Ahmed Bin Sulayem, DMCC Executive Chairman.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

#WINNER Announced ICA 2017 International Poster Competition

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ICA 2017 International Poster Competition

There were 80 posters submitted to the competition! 
Every two years, in coordination with our Congress, the ICA has an international poster competition. The winning design will be used for many communication and marketing efforts by the ICA worldwide to promote colored gemstones.
The entries are exhibited at the Congress venue where all attendees, both ICA members and Congress delegates, vote for their favorite designs. The announcement of the winners is usually done at the closing Gala dinner.
Thank you to all the artists, designers and ICA members who participated.
...the Winners are!
(drum roll please)

1st Prize US$2,000
Shanna Senior 
from New York, USA 
("Heart to Heart")
(poster no.1715)

2nd Prize US$1,500 
Zoran Regan Veira 
from Sydney, Australia
("Nature's Greatest Gift") 
(poster no. 1721)

3rd Prize US$1,000
Icaro Carlos 
from Sao Bernando do Campo, Brazil 
("Colors are the Smiles of Nature [Leigh Hurt]") 
(poster no. 1736) 

Special Recognition 
Certificate of Appreciation to: 
H. Turgay Unalan from Eskisehir Turkey 
("Nothing is impossible with love") 
(poster no. 1710)

You are all invited to learn more about ICA and view all the posters 
on ICA's website: 


The ICA would like to take this opportunity to thank Yehuda Kassif, Chair of the International Poster Committee for his unwavering enthusiasm, the Steering Committee of the Congress and in particular, Mr. Sudhir Kasslival and Mr. Denish Malapany from Jaipur for their assistance and good advise.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India Exhibit #GIAMuseum #CarlsbadCA

via press release

Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India Exhibit
Unique collection on display at GIA 
Carlsbad, California,
October 13, 2017 – March 1, 2018

A singular exhibit of intricately designed 17th to 20th-century jewelry and ornate objects from India debuts on Oct. 13 at GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) world headquarters in Carlsbad, California. “Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India,” will be on display through March 2018, showcasing 300 years of adornment with 50 lavish historical jewelry pieces and objects, including several from the Mughal Empire (1526–1857). 

Mughal Horn Pendant:  This gold pendant features a 125 carat Colombian emerald engraved in Arabic 
with salutations of peace. Set with diamonds, Burmese rubies, emerald beads and dangling pearls, it was 
made for a ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. Mughal Era • Mysore • 18th century • emerald, ruby, diamond
and pearl in 22K gold    • 6 x 8.5 x 2 cm
“We are thrilled to be able to exhibit this spectacular historical jewelry,” said Terri Ottaway, curator of the GIA Museum. “The wealth of gems in each piece gives us a tantalizing look at the lavishness of the royal courts of India from centuries past.”

“Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India” explores the often intricate routes diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and other gems decorating these pieces took from their sources across the globe. It delves into their religious and cultural symbolism, the wars fought for them and the historical tradition of gemology - the study of gems - in India. The pieces exhibited are on loan from a private collection.

Ottaway continued, “The nobility of India traded diamonds from their famous Golconda region for Colombian emeralds, Burmese rubies and pearls from the Persian Gulf.  No mine was too remote to access, no ocean was too wide to cross, in pursuit of the very best gems. For the gems not only conveyed wealth and status, but they were also worn as talismans for the protection and enhancement of life. With so much at stake, you begin to understand why wars were won and lost for these treasures.”

Royal Manga Mala
While a necklace exhibiting mango-shaped elements (a manga mala) is traditional in South India, 
a manga mala as elaborate as this one was worn only by those who could afford such a massive 
gem-set jewel. Note the stylized mangos around the collar of the necklace. Its pendant represents 
the mythical two-headed bird (gandaberunda) that was the emblem of Mysore’s Wadiyar royal family. 
There is elaborate repoussé detailing on the back. 
Mysore  19th century  diamond, ruby and emerald in 22K gold  Necklace 79 cm long, pendant 11 x 8.5 cm
Throughout India’s history, many different gems were used in elaborately designed jewelry. Some served to honor religious figures; other jewels were integral to the marriage contract, as seen in nose rings worn as a tribute to happiness in the union. Elaborately designed wedding necklaces depicted snakes or fish as symbols of fertility, and the colors used in enamel - typically on the back of jewelry pieces - functioned as a representation of the forces of life.

“Centuries of Opulence: Jewels of India” will be on display from Oct 13, 2017, through March 2018. Visitors can schedule a tour by emailing or by calling 800-421-7250 ext 4116, or +1 760-603-4116 (if outside the U.S. or Canada).

The GIA museum in Carlsbad is home to the Institute’s extensive collection of gems, jewelry and minerals. The many permanent and rotating exhibits support GIA’s mission by strengthening awareness of gems, jewelry and gemology. The museum collection also supports GIA’s research and education programs. Visit for a full list of exhibits on display.  

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

#WordlessWednesday Spotlight on the Iconic Oscar Heyman's 2017 Gift Catalog!

Thanks to Oscar Heyman’s inimitable designs, many of the last century’s most brilliant luminaries—from dignitaries and royalty to international celebrities—have shined a little brighter. The company’s founding brothers trained in the rigorous workshops of Fabergé before leaving Eastern Europe for New York. In addition to their rarified skills, they brought with them an abiding passion for gemstones and an old-world approach to gracious customer service.

Flip through the Holiday Catalog HERE:

#MyFavoritePiece - this is supposed to only be one piece BUT like I said this is MY blog!!!!

Hard to choose between that incredible Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl and such flashy Mexican Fire Opal!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Spotlight on "Autumn In Peking" Collection by Lydia Courteille

Introduced during Fashion Week the New "Autumn In Peking" Collection by Lydia Courteille is a chinoiserie of inspiration....

Lydia Courteille's new collection is inspired by Feng Shui, populated with grasshoppers, frogs, dragons and fish, each symbolizing luck, wealth, prosperity, and longevity. Architecture, textiles and the clothing from this ancient culture are also present... 

A culture and traditional firmly rooted in the care of the ancestors Lydia Courteille has in her own way revisited symbols found on ancient pottery such as rebuses of bats flying through peach trees painted on porcelain symbolizing wealth and prosperity. 

Lydia Courteille helps you to discover just a small aspect of this beguiling country.

It is also a tribute to the novel “Un automne à Pekin” by Boris Vian, an author who influenced Lydia Courteille in her youth...

Friday, October 20, 2017

RockHer Innovates Online Engagement Ring Shopping - Introducing AI-Enhanced Digital Gemologist ROSI

From Press Release by RockHer Haute Jewels

RockHer Introduces AI-Enhanced 
Digital Gemologist ROSI
Los Angeles jeweler innovates online 
engagement ring shopping at

Los Angeles-based jewelry company RockHer Haute Jewels today announced the launch of, an artificial intelligence-enhanced bespoke luxury engagement ring site featuring the world's first intelligent diamond search engine. is powered by ROSI, a personal digital gemologist that simplifies the overwhelming process of diamond engagement ring shopping and helps consumers create the perfect made-to-order ring handcrafted at RockHer's Los Angeles, California studio.

ROSI, an acronym for Rational Octahedron Selection Intelligence, uses a proprietary algorithm and artificial intelligence enhanced by IBM Watson to find the best diamonds available in the wholesale global marketplace at the best price. ROSI's revolutionary search engine analyzes more than 25,000 top GIA-certified diamonds and conducts millions of calculations to make recommendations for a center stone. ROSI's evaluation goes to the micro level, analyzing 30 different diamond properties that go much deeper than the basic measurements of the 4Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat).

Link to how ROSI works:

"RockHer is using modern technology to bring a century of diamond expertise and fine craftsmanship to online bespoke engagement ring shopping," said RockHer President and CEO Jim Vernon, an industry-leading diamantaire. "We are perfecting the creativity and the science behind diamond selection with a personal digital gemologist that expertly guides you through what could otherwise be an overwhelming shopping experience."

It was the personal frustration felt by tech visionary Adam Stein when shopping for an engagement ring that served as the inspiration for ROSI. Stein, founder and CEO of global tech company Advantageous Systems (ADS), found the traditional diamond buying process antiquated and overly confusing and turned to technology to find a solution.

"Buying an engagement ring can be harrowing and very confusing. ROSI streamlines the process to take the stress out of diamond shopping," said Stein. "It gives consumers an innovative method to apply rational logic to what can be an emotional and daunting purchasing decision."

RockHer simplifies an often-overwhelming shopping experience with a user-friendly, AI-enabled website that eliminates doubt and instills consumer confidence. The user experience requires shoppers to input only their budget and diamond shape, and weigh their primary considerations of price, size or quality. ROSI's sophisticated search engine evaluates more than a million data combinations to determine the best product for the price. "During development, we put ROSI up against the most skilled human gemologists until her selections outshined them," said Stein.

RockHer's modern technology is fueled by a century of diamond expertise. CEO Vernon has decades of experience in the diamond industry. He started his career at his father's company, Frank Vernon Diamond Brokers Wholesale Jewelers, taking over the company in 1984 as president. A leading expert in the diamond business, Vernon served on the managing board of the American Gem Society Laboratories from 1997 to 2011 and helped develop a system for evaluating the cut of polished diamonds that is still used today.

About RockHerRockHer is a high-end, bespoke engagement ring company based in Los Angeles, California. The company employs the industry's best designers, craftsmen and diamond experts to skillfully create brilliant, custom-made jewelry. RockHer'sworkshop is a tribute to old-world artistry and uses the latest technology in 3-D rendering and printing and microscopic setting equipment to produce extraordinary luxury jewelry.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


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