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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Anyone Up For Another Go At A #JewelryBizChat?

OK - UPDATE!   We are a go for #JewelryBizChat -at this point we are looking at Tuesdays at 6pm (West Coast should have time to get home from work - East Coast will be able to get the babies tucked in and grab a glass of wine).  See the next post for more info!

Finally emerging from the Jewelry Show aftermath...if you follow my blogs you know that I cover all 40+ shows in Tucson every Spring and just about the time I start to do Vendor/Designer Spotlights on the Tucson Gem Show blog we start the pre-show previews for Jewelry Week in Las Vegas here on the Daily Jewel.  We are finally at the Designer Spotlights here and that will continue...with over 2500 vendors at JCK alone (I also cover Couture, the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry Show and LUXURY) and there are SO many really FUN, new looks, designers and trends that I will be writing well into 2014!  ...oh and look for some new Interview activity on my Jewelry & Gem Artisans Blog which has been dormant for months!!! won't miss a minute of the fun if you are following all my blogs!

OK - that got a little to advertise -y...YUCK!  back to the Topic at hand. A while back several people in the Industry (Dan Gordon, Marc Knobloch, etc.) were trying to put together a Twitter Chat to keep Industry folks and emerging artists in the know...

So - why am I thinking about this again?  Because of a recent tweet from the enthusiastic Barbara Palumbo of Adornmentality!

This is SUCH an exciting time to be writing in the Jewelry Industry - the blog format is so widely accepted now and the Industry has become so much more supportive and, with only a few exceptions, sharing!

These tweets got me thinking...maybe it's time!

Thanks for the inspiration - anyone in?

What we need to get started:

     ► I have set the time and date - but it can be changed...
     ► Registered the hashtag
     ► Set up a Twitter Hub so that folks that can't make the chat can follow along!
     ► Need a couple folks to commit to Moderating
     ► Scheduling - interviews

I am sure there will be a million more things to do - we can handle them as they come our way!


Sunday, July 13, 2014

#FIFA - Nothing goes together quite like Footballers and Fine Watches....

#FIFA - Nothing goes together quite like Football and Fine Watches....

Roberta Naas' great watch blog A Timely Perspective talks about the Footballers that have signed on with Ritmo Mundo.

"Ritmo Mundo has signed on a massive roster with six international football brand ambassadors. Among the soccer players joining the Ritmo Mundo team are Brazilian David Luiz, Oscar, Dante, Paulihnio, Bernard, and Ramires among others. Each ambassador is sporting a 50mm Quantum timepiece with Swiss chronograph movements until the new watches are finished."
Ritmo Mundo Quantum -- the watch of choice for more than half a dozen top international footballers.

The recent Centurion Newsletter cites Bulova and Manchester United, Hautlence and Eric Cantona, Breitling and Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo and Tag Heuer with FIFA connections and Audemars Piguet, who has had four-time Golden Ball winner Leo Messi as its brand ambassador for four years. The Argentina-born legend wears a namesake limited edition Royal Oak Leo Messi chronograph.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Diana Jarrett, Popular Gem Trade Journalist Grabs Kudos in Editor's Contest

Popular Gem Trade Journalist Grabs Kudos in Editor's Contest 
Gemologist-writer Diana Jarrett earns 2nd Place in Writers Competition 

New York Mineralogical Club announces 2nd Place Non-Technical Articles award goes to their member, gemologist Diana Jarrett by the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies, Inc. for the 2014 Bulletin Editors Contest.

Jarrett is a multi-award winning journalist including 1st Place honors from the competition throughout the years. This year's winning feature was for her in-depth coverage of the Tucson Gem Fair.

Well known industry journalist, Jarrett has been a prolific contributor to both trade and
consumer publications; covering gemstones and luxury goods for more than a decade.

Her recognizable voice is distinctive, garnering fans in North America and abroad. But
her adaptability to each audience is key to an ever-widening range of publications that
covet her contributions. Whether it's serious laboratory reports demanding accuracy in
minute detail or entertaining news on trending designer jewels, Jarrett devotes herself to
telling the story that connects with her reader.

A decade long member of the venerable New York Mineralogical Club (NYMC), founded by legendary gemologist George Frederick Kunz in the 19th century, her missives are also a staple in their NYMC Bulletin. Those articles are submitted annually to the Eastern Federation of Mineralogical and Lapidary Societies along with Bulletin features by other respected writers. Over the past decade, the entries have resulted in numerous double awards in the same year, besides the recent 1st Place honor.

For further information about The New York Mineralogical Club, or to find out about events being held during the year, contact the club's president Mr. Mitch Portnoy at  (212) 580-1343.

To learn more about Diana Jarrett or to contact her, visit her website:

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Dani By Daniel K. New Line Introduced by LUXURY Brand Daniel K.

dani by daniel
Daniel Koren, the award-winning jewelry designer known as DANIEL K to elite clientele around the globe, proudly presents his new semi-precious designer diffusion brand - DANI by DANIEL K®.

Earlier this year  a special unveiling happened, during the world’s most prestigious watch and jewelry show, Baselworld.  DANI by DANIEL K  is a fashion jewelry collection exquisitely crafted to the same exacting jewelry standards of the designer DANIEL K, yet created in sterling silver and set with the high-quality cubic zirconia, synthetic corundum and synthetic spinel. The collections each possess a unique character and feminine aesthetic, including new, youthful designs, intriguing symbolic pieces and DANIEL K's classic and iconic UTERNITY® bands featuring invisible settings. 
For nearly two decades, Daniel Koren has been recognized as a pioneer in the precious jewelry category for the elegant work, superior craftsmanship and premium diamond quality of the house of DANIEL K. His innovations in the industry have gained admiration by the business as well as luxury consumers, including select royal houses that choose to collect DANIEL K jewelry as heirlooms. His timeless designs have been worn by Hollywood royalty such as Oprah Winfrey, Sigourney Weaver, Naomi Campbell, Angie Harmon and Diddy.
The introduction of DANI by DANIEL K  brings the work of this much sought designer to women who once only dreamed of owning an original DANIEL K piece. Highly trained craftsman hand set, assemble and polish each piece, ensuring the best possible quality, matching the brilliance and exceptional design for which DANIEL K is known.
The multimedia, reality marketing campaign planned to launch later this year sets the stage for real women telling their real life story and how they live their dream -- today. “The tag line – I Live My Dream -- is simple to say, but it’s not simple to live,” said Koren. “I have great admiration for anyone, man or woman, who sets forth despite any challenges to devote their life to what they love or believe in. It’s not the monetary value earned but the dream, its course, and the present reality that we hope women will share to inspire others. This is my way of participating in their quest and to finally be able to share my love of jewelry while making it attainable to women everywhere.”
About Dani by Daniel K: Founded in 1999 by Daniel Koren, DANIEL K jewelry was established to fill an untapped space within the industry focused on the design and creation of luxury jewelry appropriate to be worn both day and night. The flawless execution of each piece matches the DANIEL K philosophy, which strives to achieve and maintain the most brilliance each stone can possibly produce. In 2014,  it introduced the DANIEL K diffusion brand, DANI by DANIEL K® giving all women the ability to adorn themselves in high-quality, elegant jewelry.
For additional information on DANIEL K, please visit and for DANI by DANIEL K

Friday, July 4, 2014



Copy Via Jen Cullen Williams
Fiera di Vicenza, the world ambassador of “Made in Italy” jewelry, cultivated an international jewelry display at the JCK Las Vegas Show from May 30 to June 2, held at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The VICENZAORO Italian Club Pavilion housed 130 international exhibitors, many of which were Italian, and promoted their jewelry and products. For the ninth consecutive year, VICENZAORO Italian Club, Fiera di Vicenza’s travelling exhibition, provided an authentic and powerful experience of Italian craftmanship that was displayed during the event. The VICENZAORO Italian Club once again included the Glamroom, a curated area featuring up-and-coming fashion jewelry designers. On Friday and Sunday,during JCK, a fashion parade and presentation showcased 32 innovative designers’ jewelry lines while 10 models paraded throughout the venue; cocktail receptions followed the fashion parades. During JCK Las Vegas, VO+ Magazine America, the special edition of VO+ Magazine, highlighted the Italian trends and was distributed during the show.

TRENDVISION Jewellery+Forecasting, the independent and global forecasting observatory of Fiera di Vicenza, offered an overview of international trends with a focus on the general luxury sector of the American market throughout the JCK Show event located in the TRENDVISION Area. Here, buyers, designers and professionals of this sector viewed displays of future jewelry design trends, market and consumer trends. The TrendBook 2015+, a global reference for the jewelry and watch sector was available for purchase at the TRENDVISION Area. This informational publication contains trends, which are predicted to become dominant early in 2015 based on extensive market research.

I love the romance and originality of the TrendVision Trends and Descriptions
TRENDVISION Jewellery+Forecasting explains the perspective of the macro-trends and related styles that will dominate the market. This enables the players of this luxury sector to formulate appropriate production, purchasing and marketing strategies. The four macro-trends for the American Market are as follows: Abstract Minimalism - an elementary expression, re-establishing a serene timelessness, focused on distinctive geometric and minimalist shapes, Avant-Garde Exoticism - exotic fantasies and avant-garde visions blend harmoniously into a multi-cultural elegance, Vintage Flavor - delicate laser cut-out ethereal looks and dark moods, and Digital City - ultra-modern ideas and futuristic cybernetic styles evolved into a luxury dimension.

TRENDVISION Jewellery+Forecasting establishes itself as a key player and reference point for all topics concerning future trends in the jewelry, watch and accessories fields. Through its research, TRENDVISION has developed distinctive expertise in analysing trends in the jewelry sector allowing it to promote Italian savoir-faire through VINCEZAORO Italian Club.

GIA Scholarship Applications Now Available

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) began accepting scholarship applications online on Sunday, June 15 for its 2015 Gemology and Jewelry Manufacturing Arts programs, courses and lab classes. Applications will be available through Oct. 31 on the Institute’s website.

Scholarships are available for distance education eLearning courses and for classes at the Institute’s campuses in Bangkok, Carlsbad, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, New York and Taiwan; and at the GIA branch in Dubai.

A number of awards for international eLearning courses (up to $1,500) and awards for U.S.-based lab classes (up to $1,400) are available. The scholarships, sponsored by private donors and the GIA endowment fund, supplement GIA’s wider scope of offerings. Scholarship highlights include:

·         The inaugural Tawfic Farah Memorial Scholarship will award full tuition for an on-campus student in Mumbai to pursue their Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma, including the required Diamond Grading, Colored Stone Grading and Gem Identification lab classes

·         To recognize the many important contributions by Bert Krashes and Eunice Miles to further gemological knowledge during their careers at GIA, full scholarships for the U.S on-campus and eLearning Graduate Gemologist (GG) diploma program have been created in their names

In Jan. 2014 the Institute awarded its Fall 2013 scholarships to 151 students in 29 countries. The scholarships, totaling more than $500,000, align with GIA’s goals of providing quality education in gemology and jewelry to the trade and aspiring professionals.

For more information, call (760) 603-4131 or email

*Full scholarships cover the cost of tuition, books and other materials.


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