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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#Endless Jennifer Lopez Launches New Collection For Endless JewelryUS

Jennifer Lopez and Endless Jewelry 
are pleased to announce a new long-term partnership 
to introduce a special exclusive collection of bracelets and charms 
bearing the JENNIFER LOPEZ trademark in USA
we present...
Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless Jewelry
Endless Jewelry is known for its colorful Boho Chic  bracelets in quality leather and it's wide range of classic and modern charms that are all the rage in Europe and is currently sweeping markets in North America. 

The combination of affordable luxury and bright colors, has made Endless Jewelry a colorful fashion statement across continents, and the addition of the Jennifer Lopez Collection, adds a new dimension to this vast collection which allows personalization.

Jennifer Lopez said “My exclusive collection with Endless Jewelry embraces the attitude of being fun and elegant at the same time. It is also about letting each woman express her personality through her jewelry. The collection will let women celebrate what is unique and beautiful about themselves."

Jennifer Lopez is a one of the biggest superstars on the planet, fans love her "Jenny from block" personality and admire her artistry, beauty and style. Now Endless Jewelry and Jennifer Lopez are joining forces to introduce a brand new collection of impeccably crafted, unique bracelets and charms, all reflecting the glamour and one of a kind personality of Jennifer Lopez and the quality of Endless Jewelry.

CEO and Founder of Endless Jewelry, Jesper Nielsen, is thrilled about the agreement:
“Endless Jewelry is all about being yourself, positivity and daring to show your colors whether you wish to be elegant, discrete or stand out. We offer women a way to personalize her jewelry by letting her mix and match classic and modern charms with her choice of color or colors of the day. It’s simple yet unique, and Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary style and charisma perfectly represent the new collection. We are proud and delighted to be in this long-term relationship with Jennifer Lopez.”

The collection is available exclusively in fine jewelry stores across the United States and Canada.  Store locator here:

Jesper Nielsen’s foray into the jewelry business began in 2004 when he purchased a Pandora distibutorship, his noteriety began when news of his often peculiar-sounding business "stunts" hit the international news wires and just six years later he sold his European Pandora distributorship for over $270 million. Having forged his own path based on unique ideas, the courage to follow them, and trusting gut instincts, led to Nielsen's reputation for his relentless passion and his genuine charisma.

Today, following this tremendous success, Nielsen has launched Endless Jewelry - in Europe in 2013 (opening in more than 1,000 stores in the first 10 months) — and now in the US. Born from the concept that “everything is possible” and that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, Endless Jewelry features a modern, new twist on traditional charm bracelets.

World’s Largest CSARITE® Faceted By Milenyum Mining

Milenyum Mining Facets 
World’s Largest CSARITE® 

Milenyum Mining Limited is excited to announce the discovery 
and cutting of the world’s largest known faceted CSARITE® gemstone. 

The 121.65 carat pear shape rarity was cut from recently recovered rough of approximately 430 grams from the world’s only CSARITE® mine. Previously, the largest known faceted CSARITE® was an 88.49 carat pear shape that took home a coveted 2014 AGTA Cutting Edge Award. The only other large CSARITE® gemstones of a similar size have been cabochon gems that exhibit the cats eye and color change effect.

“It was an exciting challenge to cut this stone,” stated Rudi Wobito, Master Cutter of WOBITO that did the actual faceting. “CSARITE® rough very rarely produces a fine gem of this size and caliber. And it’s a very slow process to shape the rough and finally arrive at the finished gem. We studied the material from all angles for weeks before deciding on the final shape.”

Murat Akgun, president of Milenyum Mining Limited explains, “Typical loss from rough CSARITE® is 98%. We have recovered rough pieces three times the size of this one, and ended up with no faceted stones. We lost only 95% of the large specimen in cutting this gem, again setting it apart as a truly unique gem! This fine quality CSARITE® is certainly the world’s largest at this time, and we expect the retail price to be close to a million dollars."

The lively gem is beautifully cut and exhibits a pronounced and vivid color change. Interest in the rare and valuable gemstone is expected by both private collectors and top designers. Once decided, the future of this exceptional piece will be announced via press release.

MML is the world’s only source supply of CSARITE®, a natural, unenhanced color-change gemstone. Responsible for cutting and marketing of this phenomenal gemstone, MML’s mission is to introduce gem and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe to CSARITE®’s unique beauty and rarity. MML is a member of The International Colored Gemstone Association. Visit for a list of authorized retailers.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Get A Personalized "Jewelry Makeover" When Designer Carole Shashona Debuts "Black Diamond Collection"

Jewelry Designer Carole Shashona Invites You
 to Preview the Latest Designs from the "Black Diamond Collection"

Experience a Personalized "Jewelry Makeover" 
Based on Your Body Type and a Sensory Energy Composite

Thursday, December 4th
11AM - 3PM

Barneys New York, Beverly Hills
9570 Wilshire Blvd.

*The Carole Shashona jewelry collection has symbolic meaning, as each style is specifically designed 
to bring multiple blessings to the wearer, ranging from empowerment to serenity

Sunday, November 16, 2014

#STR - Sharing The Rough - Private Screening... #SharingTheRough

"Through the eyes of gem miners, a precision faceter, and a visionary jewelry designer, 
we will reveal a powerful story that follows a gem from mine to market."

Join us for a private test screening of Sharing the Rough
hosted by Dave McConnell, owner of The King's Jewelers in Walnut Creek.

This will be the very first showing to a public audience, 
Q & A follows with Director Orin Mazzoni and cast members Roger Dery  & Dave McConnell.

Imagine my disappointment when I received this invitation and was unable to make it to the event.  Well after thinking long and hard I remembered that my Tucson roommate Ann Marie might be available - YAY!!!  

While in Tucson this past February for the gem shows, I was privileged to view the teaser sample of Sharing The Rough, a unique movie directed by Orin Mazzoni about the gem industry. After that small taste, I was eager to see the completed movie. I had the opportunity to do just that last night at a private test screening. 

Sharing The Rough tells the story of a green Garnet gem (affectionately called “The One”), from its birth as a piece of rough in an East African mine through the faceting process with gem cutter Roger Dery and then its creation into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry by designer, Mark Schneider.  

All of these scenes expose priceless bits of knowledge that many people in the jewelry industry don’t even know about, much less the average person. Through this film the viewer will get to witness it all first hand.

Along the way you are taken into a basic mine, you meet the miners and their families and learn about their passions and the incredible struggle to find the gems in the earth. You are witness to the buying process from gem brokers and you come to understand how rare and special a large quality gem really is. Once “The One” is purchased, you observe the creative process of the gem cutter deciding on the shape of the final stone and taking down the 49 carat rough to a 13.65 carat faceted beauty.  The story wraps up with the designing and fashioning of the final piece.

After the screening, Orin Mazzoni (Director), Roger Dery (Faceter) and Dave McConnell (Associate Producer) took to the stage to answer questions and ask for feedback. They all seemed to take to heart the advice and constructive criticism that was offered from the audience. 

The film, as it was screened last night, was a gem in the rough itself. The photography and sound are well done and hold a lot of promise. There were typos in the subtitles, the color needs correcting and the sound needs to be sweetened. It is way too long and drags from too much talk at some points. The reason for last night’s screening was for the film’s creators to get feedback from the audience. 

Their passion for telling this story is obvious. In fact, they hinted at making a sequel with another gem from another location. 

I look forward to seeing the results of this next phase of editing the film which I hope will involve faceting its raw edges and designing it into a polished finished piece.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Antique Treasures from Across the Globe Featured at 54th Annual Original Miami Beach Antique Show

Antique Treasures from Across the Globe Featured 

at 54th Annual Original Miami Beach Antique Show

U.S. Antique Shows Hosts Sold-Out Event for Collectors, Curators and Aficionados

Thousands of antique enthusiasts will once again gather at the Miami Beach Convention Center for 54th Annual Original Miami Beach Antique Show. The event will be hosted by U.S. Antique Showsthe world’s leading producer of indoor antique shows, on Jan. 30-Feb. 3, 2015.

“The Original Miami Beach Antique Show offers a vast selection of exceptional antiques from dealers worldwide and sets the pace in the antique market for the entire year,” says Dan Darby, Emerald Expositions vice president and U.S. Antique Shows general manager. “At the 2015 show, attendees can look forward to an increased presence from European exhibitors due in part to U.S. Antique Shows global partnership with the Italian-based Mercanteinfiera.”

As the world’s largest indoor antique show, The Original Miami Beach Antique Show presents nearly 1,000 recognized dealers from 28 countries for five days only. On the show floor, attendees can explore collections from Renaissance to Art Deco eras including fine art, American and European silver, antique jewelry, 17th-19th century furniture, porcelain and more. Additionally, the convention center’s Flamingo Ballroom will be filled with elite jewelry dealers showcasing a variety of rare and unique antique, estate and vintage pieces.

To enhance the shopping experience and support education, U.S. Antique Shows will also continue to offer attendees’ unique opportunities to accompany the Miami Beach show such as the Second Annual Jewelry History Series. The jewelry conference will take place before The Original Miami Beach Antique Show on Jan. 28-29 and has a comprehensive schedule including presentations from an array of jewelry experts, a complementary tour of the Bass Museum of Art and a tour of select booths prior to the opening of the show. For a complete conference schedule and details on registration costs, visit

U.S. Antique Shows is also thrilled to once again partner with Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers to host Appraisal Day during the show on Saturday, Jan. 31. All attendees, with a valid ticket to the show, are invited to bring one item to be appraised by one of Skinner’s experienced appraisers.

The Original Miami Beach Antique Show was recently listed by BizBash, a resource hub for the event and meeting industry, as one of Miami/South Florida’s Top 100 Events. The show has long been recognized by the Miami media and industry trades for its extensive selection of merchandise, cross section of buyers and sellers and consistent show traffic.

Show times for the 2015 show are Friday, Jan. 30 to Monday, Feb. 2 from 12-8 p.m. and Tuesday, Feb. 3 from 12-5 p.m.Admission is $20 to attend all five days. For more information about the show or to purchase tickets, call 239.732.6642 or visit 

About U.S. Antique Shows
The Original Miami Beach Antique Show is produced by U.S. Antique Shows, a division of Emerald Expositions. U.S. Antique Shows, the world’s largest producer of indoor antique shows, focuses on presenting a wide range of antiques as well as antique, vintage and estate jewelry and watches to 50,000 consumers annually. The company draws more than 3,000 dealers from 28 countries worldwide exhibiting their signature collections in 400,000 net square feet across eight shows. U.S. Antique Shows is the only producer that serves the unique needs of the antique and antique jewelry industry supporting sales in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Miami Beachn:
and New York. Their shows host internationally recognized dealers promoting the purchase of rare and unusual historic merchandise to antiques collectors, novice enthusiasts, socialites and celebrities.

For more information:
like us on Facebook:
follow us on Twitter:@USAntiqueShows 
...and explore our Pinterest:
Check out our new blog

* Photos used in this article are archival from the Blog Owners files and not representative of vendors that will be present at the event.

Friday, November 7, 2014

#AGTA - Winner of the Editor's Choice Award at the 2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards™

It was less than a week ago that I posted the Winners of 2015 AGTA Spectrum Awards™

Following that announcement the AGTA hosts an Editor's Event.  AGTA sends invitations to the Editors of publications, blogs and news sources to a prestigious  where all of the entries are on display and they get to vote on an Editor's Choice Award Winner.

What I have always found interesting is just how rarely the Editor's Choice and Judges' Best in Show are the same piece....I guess it really is all about viewpoint.

If you want to see a few of the Editor favorites, Cheryl Kremkow has posted some drool worthy earrings in a recent blog post!

....and now, the winner, "Sometime This Spring" fire opal earrings by Gregore Morin of Gregore Joailliers!

Photo Source: Facebook & Instagram

Thursday, November 6, 2014

#GuestPost #Watches - Eponymous Stephen Silver Watch Boutique Finds a Home in Menlo Park

I am honored beyond words to be able to feature the work of a woman I consider a mentor who has an international reputation for her ability to put pen to paper and produce some of the most beautifully structured prose.  Diana Jarrett is one of the most sought after freelance writers in the Luxury Industries, you may know her trademark feature column,  "The Story Behind The Stone" for the Midwest & Southern Jewelry News. A Gem Expert, Diana is a Graduate Gemologist and Registered Master Valuer.

Distinguished Jeweler Resonates with Riche

Stephen Silver Watch Boutique Shows How It's Done in Menlo Park

Stephen Silver likes jewels, but not just any kind. The ones attracting this celebrated jeweler are storied miniature works of art. They represent the foundation of his Silicon Valley based company. His business enjoys dynamic customer loyalty in response to his nurturing of clients who often become lifelong friends, and for his joyful philanthropic efforts.

Rare McLaren super cars dazzled Stephen Silver Watch Boutique
celebrants at the Rosewood at Sand Hill hotel,  Menlo Park, CA
Now Silver has taken a bold step with the opening of his eponymously named Stephen Silver Watch Boutique at the uber chic Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel in Menlo Park, CA. The ribbon cutting ceremony and by-invitation press event occurred on October 17, 2014. 

Guests get a close up preview of an extraordinary Victorian diamond tiara
Inside the sleek boutique, signed pieces fit for royalty glitter from within elegantly modern cases alongside supersized diamonds and Edwardian tiaras. 

Guests enjoyed discovering watches like those of Parmigiani
Across the aisle reside nine rare timepiece brands appearing like the Who's Who of horological triumphs. Rare limited editions from Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, Laurent Ferrier, HYT, Arnold & Son, Ressence, Parmigiani, and DEVON comprise the stellar line up. Each of the carefully selected collections boasts heart-stopping technological feats. And that was the plan from the get-go. 

The rare 22 ct La Splendeur Doree diamond was on hand too
Menlo Park is arguably one of the most affluent regions in the US, perhaps the entire world. Sand Hill Road is where the scions of technology and venture capitalists hobnob in relative undisturbed privacy. This group's short list for what moves them in regards to luxury goods is quite different than you'd think. For example, they may want their timepiece to be as discreet as they are. They are also moved by innovation, not glitz. 
“Our collectors expect to find cutting-edge technology in a timepiece. Each of the brands offered excite the imagination of our clients in that respect,” notes Andrew Block, president of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry. “These timepieces resonate with the Menlo Park demographic who have extraordinary wealth but don’t walk around flaunting it,” he finds.
Stephen Silver company president Andrew Block
and Stephen Silver share a light moment
“These are not brands one finds elsewhere,” Block points out. Mainstream watches can be found in malls all over the country, he adds. “Our timepieces are not for everyone, and that’s fine. The exclusive watches at our boutique speak to a discerning clientele,” Block explains. “We have a different level of watch fans that are true aficionados and know each watch in there.”
 Innovative hydro-mechanical small edition HYT watch
Silver may be raising the bar on a new business model for the luxury goods sector. With the Stephen Silver Watch Boutique at least, he seems to have hit the trifecta; melding expertise with top tier brands to a demographic who expect to be wowed by real innovation. 
Leading industry expert Bill Boyajian who attended the celebratory event thinks so. “Steve has executed on a concept with his niche boutique that has a great prospect of being a game-changer in the industry; offering a new model to the rich and famous.”


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