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Monday, July 14, 2008

Nina Basharova

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Born in the Russian Federation and raised in the Ukraine, Nina Basharova’s artistic journey began while being exposed her parent’s community of actors, writers and painters. Inspired by the art and poetry of family friends Basharova merged her love of culture with her affinity for jewelry richly steeped in history.

She began her studies with fine arts while living in the Ukraine since she was 12 and went on to get a degree in jewelry design at the Art College in Haifa, Israel. While still in school, she was twice honored with the prestigious Sharett Scholarship of The America-Israel Cultural Foundation and had her work displayed in the Museum of Art in Ramat Gan.

She arrived in New York in 2002 and worked as a bench jeweler and assistant designer. Throughout this time she has been diligently creating her own collection, focusing on carving out her own original identity of hand finished pieces that blend together an artisan’s eye for craft and detail with a truly modern sensibility. Each one of the groups in her collection have been recognized by press and various jewelry competitions. A piece from her first collection “Milky Way” was included in the book “500 Bracelets” (Larks Books, 2005) and then again in the follow up books, “500 Earrings” and “500 Wedding Rings”, chosen among thousands of designers worldwide. Her work was voted by a World Gold Council Blue Ribbon Panel of trade experts for promotion for an unprecedented 3 consecutive years in 2006, 2007 and 2008

Nina Basharova is no newbie to jewelry industry with her designs that are far from traditional. Her rich creative concepts are rooted in her native Russian culture, through thorough studies of classic art, drawing and history, old world jewelry making techniques and new world's freedom of expression . Being so supremely capable to accomplish a design starting from it's very conception though the finishing touches exclusively by herself has enabled her to sculpt her designs to be of striking look, very practical, interchangeable and collectable. Coming to US in 2002 she has won 15 Awards for only past 3 years - among them are the highly coveted:

Geometrichemozioni 2006 by 'Trissinooro Consortium,Trissino, Italy
Diva Award by Women Jewelry Association 2006
Tahitian Pearl Trophy by Perles de Tahiti,2008
New Talent Award by American Jewelry Designers Council, 2008
...this number of awards is unprecedented in such a short period of time and Nina is taking the US jewelry industry by storm.

Nina Basharova has secured her place in the jewelry industry as an innovative fresh talent and an outstanding designer with 15 years of experience in fabrication and having developed her own distinctive style with attention to the detail and strong structural concept and unique recognizable look she is definitely the name to watch.

This is the piece that started everything...the image was submitted to the “500 Bracelets” book and was chosen by Lark Books from a field of 3,000 designers worldwide.

The Milky Way Collection

Simplicity and perfection of a circle with its endless associations and meanings—from timeless solar symbol to Plato's perfect geometric form.

Repeating itself upon itself it creates patterns that evoke images of raindrops, freckles, polka dots, cherry blossoms. Unified under one cosmic banner across the sky—the Milky Way.


Purchase Information:

11 Maiden Lane
San Francisco



The Barbed Wire Collection
The Barbed Wire collection is the re-invention of a symbol of oppression and imprisonment into a piece of fine jewelry. The use of this brutally iconic structure to hold precious stones or pearls is key to the impact of this collection.

The term "barbed" also refers to a comment with double meaning. The polished golden wire whose barbs are clasping a beautiful stone is a counter-point to the usual associations, and an ironic statement for a woman who might choose it for an engagement ring

Design Statement
My designs are based on harmony of balance and contrast in use of colors and textures, light and dark, as well as the combination of high sophistication and street chic.

The goal is to transform every day objects into extraordinary pieces of wearable art. With the benefit of old world training in art, I am able focus my rebellious Russian temperament, my restless creativity and my love for innovation into a vision that transforms and reconfigures what I see in the world around me. I find inspiration in watching smoke rings fly or the ripples of rain falling in puddles, or merely staring at the sky. Stargazing led me to my first collection, “Milky Way.” I translated this feeling into fine points of light strung on ethereal threads through adapting the stones and textures into graceful and elegant yet highly contemporary pieces of jewelry. In my “Barbed Wire collection,” I interpreted the brutal barbs of iron into textured gold wire twisted around gentle polished stones.

I choose to work with bold colors and strong, durable structures to create abstract designs which are intended to appeal to a variety of personal and individual styles.

I am equally drawn to the unusual as to the classic, the bold and the elegant, the free- spirited and the sophisticated, the sensual and the strong. My pieces tend to be a mingling of these elements. I have sought to achieve a level of comfort and wear-ability, and pay close attention to how my jewelry will move with the different parts of the body—how they can enhance the neck, nestle in stacks on the finger, flow from the ear and sit delicately on a wrist or climb up the arm.

As diverse as my inspiration can be, all my designs share a common goal: unified pieces that sparks a recognition and originality in modern women to be able to relate to and that reveals the utmost attention to quality of stones, metals, textures and finishes.

Nina Basharova, Jewellry Designer
36 W 47 St. Ste.701,
New York NY 10036
Fax: 646-957-9237

Nina Basharova’s brand is committed to use at least 80% recycled
materials, whether in promotion or fabrication.
We encourage you to do the same.

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