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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wendy Culpepper

Wendy Culpepper
Designer Jewelry

Wendy’s introduction to the arts and metals came at the University of Florida as an Engineering and Fine Arts Student. Originally focusing on her strong drawing skills, she traveled to Florence, Italy to immerse herself in a study of diverse mediums. This search for her artistic Muse had her exploring metalsmithing and jewelry design...the perfect blend, engineering, fabrication and the creativity she craved.

Following her heart, Wendy furthered her jewelry education by completing the Fashion Institute of Technology's vigorous bench jewelry and design program, graduating with the coveted honor of top design student. With her jewelry designs and beaded work selling right from her neck, Wendy began to explore an online business for her well-received pieces.

Culpepper’s first experience in the Jewelry Industry came when she joined the product development team at Me & Ro Jewelry (famous for their numerous celebrity clients). Her success in this position encouraged Wendy to look into launching her own line...and in 2005, W. Culpepper was born!

Wendy’s work is best known for her strong, simple carvings, bold statements, wear-ability and classic elegance. Her feminine and balanced pieces have led to a strong clientele and followers ranging from editors, stylists, celebrities and popular personalities. Her pieces have been featured in Lucky, InStyle, Redbook, People, and the Rachel Ray Show to name just a few!

The collections from this artist, range from the strong yet fluid movement of the Paradise Collection to the fun and feminine florals in the Flower of Life Collection and everything between... culminating in the funky organic feel of the Alligator Collection. There is a collection that will suit the mood and style of every woman.

While it is her Jewelry that drew me in, I think it was Wendy’s Artists Statement that spoke to me...below is just a small part of that statement:
“When working on a piece, I tend to have personal battles. I put my heart into my ideas, and I put a piece of myself in everything I do. I tend to be in my work, but as each piece progresses, it’s unusual for the audience to actually see all that I intended. I find that I mask so many of the ideas I begin with. Something in me tends to hold me back from fully exposing the ideas that I want to share. This obstacle is what I am working toward overcoming.”

Infinitely wearable - W. Culpepper can be purchased through their website and in various retail outlets

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Jonara Blu Maui said...

I love her rings! I can only dream of making jewelry like that.


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