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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Emmy Earrings - the BIG story!

The shows producers decided to celebrate the new Reality Show Host category by having the nominees host the show...I don't think they will make that mistake again!

Thank God for Heidi Klum's earrings - they never failed to amuse even if the on stage banter didn't!

Talk about jewelry on steroids - Heidi is very tall, with a long neck and every pair of the Lorraine Schwartz Inc. earrings she wore reached from her ears to her shoulders - there must be some sort of armature that helps to hold these up (they never appeared to drag her earlobes down).

The Project Runway host wore six separate big, bold diamond pieces by Jeweler Lorraine Schwartz through the course of the evening. Among the attention-grabbers were shoulder-grazing gray and yellow rough-diamond flower earrings, swinging butterfly drops (top photo) and a bohemian diamond and lavender jade suite (see photo of Heidi on the floor).

Kathy Griffin (My Life On The "D" List) wore Erica Courtney 18k gold and diamond Flower Burst earrings with yellow beryl drops.

Other actresses rocking BIG earrings:

Kat Kraemer and Mariska Hargitay

Check out the BIG earrings and stacked necklaces on Kathy Lee!

Close up of the Kwiat designs on Olivia Wilde - Kwiat platinum earrings 1960’s Decades collection featuring more than 8 cts. t.w. pave diamonds and worth more than $300,000:

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MaricrisG said...

TALK ABOUT BLING BLINGS and REALLY BIG ONES TOO!!! - the caps font was to emphasize :) It makes me wonder how their earlobes can handle all that weight- ah maybe they've done surgery to make it stronger like put some kind of maybe a strong silicone implant?!LOL!

(",) - just messin' with ya!



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