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Sunday, September 7, 2008

GIA Open House - September 12th

It's not too late to make plans to attend the GIA Jewelry Career Fair and Open House at the Carlsbad, California, campus on Sept. 12.

Career Fair, the gem and jewelry industry's premier recruiting event, attracts up to 1,000 job seekers and prominent jewelry companies looking for new employees.

GIA will also host its annual Open House, where visitors are invited to explore the historic and educational exhibits on display throughout the campus.

You'll be the first to see the "Balboa Park Carousel Egg," a replica of an 1890s carousel that will be unveiled at Career Fair. The objet d'art, reminiscent of decorative eggs by Peter Carl Fabergé, sits atop a music box that plays songs from the era.

The "Balboa Park Carousel Egg" is the centerpiece of the Facets of GIA exhibit, which portrays the mission and history of the Institute and features more than 30 pieces of gems and jewelry.
Platinum, gold and jewels make up the "Balboa Park Carousel Egg," which weighs nearly 80 pounds and contains more than 4,000 parts, including detailed paintings and molded carousel animals.

Classroom demonstrations will also take place throughout the day so visitors can learn more about gemology.

This is a wonderful excuse to take a drive down to Carlsbad - GIA is located on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Coast...the view is almost as dazzling as the gem treats inside.

Call GIA and arrange for a docent to tour you through their amazing facility and collection - anytime: 800-421-7250
Photos by Kevin Schumacher.

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