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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ganoksin's Orchid Digest

OK - I have saved the best for last - The Orchid Forum is an interactive discussion with working and retired jewelers so the advice given is firsthand, current information from people who have been there and have been doing this "jewelry thing" for years!

Orchid is both a reservoir of content and a network of active relationships for the benefit of the gem and jewelry industries. Through Orchid, participants may resolve their questions about virtually any subject relevant to the broad spectrum of involvement surrounding the gem and jewelry industries.

Of course there exist on the Net a variety of mailing lists that address certain aspects of these industries, but Orchid is plainly unique. Conceived and maintained free of charge by jewelers, for jewelers, both the experienced professional and the beginner - Orchid is dedicated to the exchange of substantive technical content, covering the full range of information requirements.

With list members from all over the world, speaking from a wide range of technical and aesthetic experiences, this lively forum addresses questions about every aspect of jewelry making today.

Orchid is more than this however.... Orchid is a comprehensive technical archive, containing more than 250,000 articles.

Orchid is also a gallery site where forum members can display their work or their work space [The BenchExchange Page].

In short, it's a connection to a world of resources for the contemporary crafts jeweler!
Joining Orchid is easy, fast and FREE!

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