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Monday, November 17, 2008

MetalSmithing - Free Online Tutorials

5 Reasons Solder Doesn't Flow - Don Norris

I was asked for some tutorials, by a couple ladies in my Jewelry Making Class and thought I would share the info....

First - if you want to learn it there is probably a tutorial online for it - Google is your friend!

Two places I look to for metalsmithing info are Ganoksin ( and YouTube (! Simply put the technique or term you are looking for in the search window.

Here is a small sample of interesting tutorials:

Making Strong Secure Jumprings from How-To-Make-Jewelry [www_wireworksecrets_com]

Making HeadpinsFree Headpin Tutorial from Etsy [www_etsy_com]
Jewelry 101 - Making Headpins from Michon Jewelry Blog
Making Headpins: Video demo from Beading Daily

Patinas - Using Liver of Sulphur from Holly Gage [www_hollygage_com]
Patination from Ganoksin [www_ganoksin_com]

Fold Forming from Ganoksin [www_ganoksin_com]

Lost Wax Casting from Expert Village [www_expertvillage_com]
Cuttlefish Casting from Ganoksin [www_ganoksin_com]


Viking Knit Chain Making from YouTube

Wax Working from Ganoksin [www_ganoksin_com]
Beginners Corner from Ganoksin

From Beginning to Very Complex - Tutorials by Hans Meevis

Bench Jewelers Television Network
(some free but for full use join for a minimal monthly fee)

MetalSmithing from Art Jewelry Magazine

MetalSmithing from Jewelry Artist Magazine

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Leah said...

Thanks for the link to my tutorial!


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