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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Etsy Designer on the Red Carpet!!!

People always ask me "How can anyone find MY jewelry when there are sooooo many artisan jewelers on Etsy?"

The answer is - find your NICHE! Create your own niche in the market by using keywords and phrases to create a highly focused internet marketing term or product.

The following info just posted to the Etsy Blogs at: [www_etsy_com]

We have all heard the story of Loki, Mickey Rourke's 18 year old Chihuahua who died just before the Independant Spirit Awards last week.

The Raw Story quotes Mickey as saying he would rather have Loki for another two years than an Oscar!

"The 56-year-old former wildman wore a cream Jean-Paul Gaultier tuxedo and an open-necked shirt that displayed a necklace bearing a photo of his long-time pooch of 18 years, Loki.

"She's the love of my life. She made it until six days ago. She left me at a time where after 18 years she knew I'd be alright," said Rourke, a best actor nominee for his portrayal of a washed-up prizefighter in "The Wrestler."

"It's bittersweet. I said to myself I'd rather have Loki for another two years than an Oscar. And I told her that. But she stayed as long as she could you know," he added." [rawstory_com]

That darling image of Loki around Mickey's neck? It came from the Etsy shop of wickedworld !
Apparently another Etsian reported the loss on one of the Etsy forums - that thought came to fruition in a sweet portrait pendant of Loki!

So - by creating a niche item - nothing else you make has to be memorial jewelry - but that one piece will bring everything you make to the public eye!

Other Memorial Pet Jewelry on Etsy: [www_etsy_com]

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