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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Timothy Meier - Innovator

Tim Meier came to the attention of jewelry enthusiasts in 2007 with his inclusion in the exclusive "Best In Show" listing by JCK magazine following the JCK Las Vegas Jewelry Show.

Always questioning, always striving to understand...a little bit from his website:

The Artist
(BTW - this is one of the best "Artist Statements" I've read)
The strength of bones is dictated by the engineering that human beings are unable to replicate. Perfectly adapted to their application. What would be the simplest , most effective way to wrap a finger in metal? What is the most comfortable and appealing necklace that is possible to make? Seashells are formed in a perfect spiral unbeknownst to the mollusk that is forming it one layer of calcium carbonate at a time. for more go to

"It's all about getting people in touch with the primal human urge to make one's self more attractive by decoration. I'm just caught up in the concept that jewelry is culturally universal, and accessible to people on every continent."

All of my forms are a discussion in the definition of space. I like to think that my carved forms are something that would spontaneously happen in nature. Each individual piece is delicate, even feminine, and then together the chain becomes tough and masculine. I love that transition that a piece makes from concept to reality.

The Vision
In America today, 63 percent of women say that they think fine-jewelry on men is sexy and 74 percent of women have purchased jewelry for a man. Why are men being forgotten in commercial jewelry markets? Men who see the Timothy Meier collection of mens jewelry will feel compelled to decorate themselves. Decoration is not something reserved for the fairer sex. There is nothing effeminate about a 4-ounce chain of blackened Sterling silver.

His innovative "Vertabrae" series has won him international acclaim - and I have to say I am a huge fan. Individually carved links - hand cast and hand assembled - available in Sterling, Stainless Steel, and now he has started working in Platinum!

This is the genesis of a number of ideas. Bones have a repulsive/ alluring charm. Whether you are a hard line creationist, or a Darwinian scholar, there is no argument over the miracle of the engineering behind bones. On a trip to West Africa, I noticed bead vendors in the Abidjan market selling snake vertebrae all strung up as jewelry. I was mystified, and rather repulsed. These were the coolest shapes I had ever seen, and I wanted very badly in a primal sort of way to decorate myself in these tribal ornaments. (Without having a dead snake around my neck) Unleash your tribal warrior...

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