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Sunday, June 28, 2009

STOLEN!!!! Rare Gems & Minerals!


Bill Heher of Rare Earth Mining recently posted the following:

    A portion of Rare Earth Mining Co.'s unusual and highly recognizable inventory was stolen in a smash and grab theft in Pennsylvania. The thieves gained access to the vehicle by smashing the right rear glass panel window. Suspects have been arrested in the case trying to cash checks made out to the company. The stones have     yet to be recovered. "This inventory is highly identifiable", said Bill Heher, owner of the company."       Jewelers, designers, and collectors will recognize the items if offered for sale." A significant reward for recovery of all or part of the merchandise is available to persons supplying the correct information. Contact Officer Durilla with the Pennsylvania State Police at 610-395-1438. A portion of the inventory follows. 
  • Azurite Malachite matched pairs
  • Single large Azurite /Malachite (Large green eyes in blue field freeform)
  • Insects in Amber Collection
  • Star Rose Quartz Cabochons (deep pink fine stars)
  • Pyrite in Quartz oval (water clear quartz w/ pyrite cube)
  • 12ct Cuprian Tourmaline Trillion
  • 29ct Imperial Topaz pear shape
  • Drusy Chrysocolla cabs
  • Gem Chrysocolla Cabs
  • Assorted orange fire opal faceted stones
  • 10.12ct Intense yellow Sapphire cushion
  • Magnetite jade slabs plated with gold
  • Super gem Rhodocrosite cabs
  • Matched amethyst stalactites
  • A large Green petrified wood branch specimen (forearm size)
More info:
    Bill at Rare Earth 203-545-1351
    Rare Earth Mining Company
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