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Monday, August 31, 2009

Gen-Next: For the Next Generation of the Jewelry Industry

The latest buzz in the Jewelry Industry is Gen-Next! This is social networking on a new level - as this group goes beyond socializing. Formulated by a group of Industry leaders from various backgrounds this is your opportunity to bridge the gaps - retailer to manufacturer - and when you see who is sitting on their Executive Board - you KNOW this group is going to stay in the news!

Executive Board
Erik Halfacre - Traditional Jewelers
Jennifer Weinman
Josh Weinman -
Lisa Nikfarjam
Matthew Rosenheim -
Tiny Jewel Box
Michael Schechter -
Russell Kwiat -
Sean Moore -

The Gen-Next Story

Gen-Next Jewelers is the brainchild of a small Executive Board of Members who devised the

initial concept during the 2008 Centurion Show. While there were several social networking options available, no formal venues had been created for the next wave of industry leaders to connect and exchange ideas. This board felt it was essential to bridge the gap between retailers and manufacturers in order to encourage the open communication and develop initiatives necessary to effectively address the many challenges this generation will encounter. With these ideals in mind Gen-Next Jewelers was created to give opportunities to the next generation of current and future industry leaders.

Gen-Next held its first official event during the JCK Las Vegas Show. A select group of retailers and manufacturers were invited an informal gathering. These standout leaders within our industry were asked to be the Gen-Next Launch Membership. These Launch Members along with The GNJ Executive board reflect the multi-generational nature of the jewelry industry as well as the wave of leaders who have come to the jewelry world after experience in other industries. The expectation is that the GNJ membership will form a tight-knit group that will work closely to lead the jewelry industry into the next generation.

There was clear interest in Gen-Next Jewelers' desire to develop a community where the next generation of leaders can connect and act as a resource for each other. The response from both Launch Members as well as other Industry members who heard about the group was overwhelming. The ideal of bringing out-of-the-box and out-of-industry thinking to the jewelry world has connected with both active and perspective Gen-Next members.

For more info stop in at the Gen-Next website.

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