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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lapidary Journal or Jewelry Artist? BOTH!

In the latest "Flashcard" newsletter, Helen Driggs, Managing Editor of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist magazine reports:

You may have noticed we bumped up the Lapidary Journal part of our logo
on the cover of the October issue. I say it’s about time. To me, the publication I work for is, was, and always will be Lapidary Journal, regardless of the Jewelry Artist part of the equation. We’ve taken a good look at ourselves since the 2007 name change and have decided to kick things up a notch, mostly because we get the sense that’s what you want, too.

First, I have to say that up to and even after the Jewelry Artist name change, our content has been steadfast -- the best information about metal and stone jewelry making -- since the 1940s, when we began publication. It’s really just the package we put Jewelry Artist in that was a little too tight, constricted, and dry, kind of like a dress that didn’t fit.

So, we’ve been gently making backstage alterations, and will begin to roll out a fresher look with your December issue. We’ll still have jewelry and gem projects, our usual departments, features, and all the great stuff we’ve always had. It will just get easier and easier for you to find it. We hope you’ll experience a publication that’s a pleasure to read, browse, use, and love. You’ll definitely find more on stone, more on design, clearer sources for tools and materials, and more useful tips, tricks, and information on the latest jewelry techniques than anywhere else -- same as always, only better.

Do me a favor -- e-mail me when you get your copy, and let me know what you think. And, if, like me, you've been a long-time reader and have been calling the magazine Lapidary Journal all along, feel free to leave it at that. (You can even "forget" the second half of our name. You know you want to.)


As one of the subscribers that was very sad to see the Lapidary Journal become Jewelry Artist - I have to say that the content has always been top notch and I am now a huge fan of the latest incarnation of the magazine. I will however be very pleased to see more lapidary and gem info - you produce an incredible product! Keep up the good work!

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