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Friday, April 2, 2010

H. Stern Takes a Trip Down The Rabbit Hole...

With all the hype surrounding the new Tim Burton version of the Lewis Carroll classic Alice In Wonderland, I don't think I ever expected this partnership!

The designers at H. Stern collaborated with the folks at Disney and have launched a truly wonderful and slightly bizarre line of jewelry based on the film.

After a detailed study, H.Stern designers decided that the underworld of Tim Burton’s film would be their source of inspiration. Moving away from the obvious and from the well known characters of the story, they chose natural elements and spectacular creatures from Wonderland to give shape to five rings – pieces of art – that follow the intrinsic organic forms to the creative DNA of the brand.

Talking roses, colored mushrooms, a bird from the topiary garden, the Cheshire cat and the Jabberwocky dragon were the elements chosen by the Jeweler’s creative team. The pieces were developed starting from the natural elements, brought to the jewels with tremendous detail. It is intricate workmanship and demands incredible patience. The texture of the branches from the trees served as inspiration for the engraving of microscopic streaks in the gold branches. Faces, as of the cat and the monster, were sculptured in different materials until the goldsmiths managed to represent their traces and expressions in gold. Dozens of versions were made before reaching the final result.

The collection consists of five pieces that are so individual and unique that, while I would like to show them to you here, I feel that they are so well presented at the H. Stern website that I will just tease you with a couple and send you there for more...

Mushroom Forest: The Forest of mushrooms through which Alice wanders in the film inspired the creation of enameled gold ring in colors and textures carefully chosen to represent the natural forms. In order to reproduce the tones used in the film, dozens of colors were tested until the ideal tone for each piece was achieved. The texture of the real toadstools is seen not only on the outside of the ring but on the inside also. Some are covered with diamonds.

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