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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GemstoneTreatmentReport Website Free Industry Resource website becomes free information resource for gemstone industry.

ISG opens the GTR database to assist the world wide industry.

San Antonio, TX, September 1, 2010: Realizing the need for a free information clearing house for gemstone treatments and lab created gemstone identification, the International School of Gemology announced today the restructuring of their Gemstone Treatment Report website to become the industry’s only complete, open-sharing internet database of gemological research and reporting on gemstone treatments.
Located at GemstoneTreatmentReport, this website is now available as a free service to anyone in the gemstone industry for the study, reference, and sharing of gemological information relating to the research and reporting of the latest in gemstone treatment identification methods. This information clearinghouse is being made possible by members of the world wide ISG Community who are responsible for the research and identification of the dyefusion treatment of gemstones such as andesine, tourmaline, and others. The GTR data base currently covers the identification of over 50 of the most often seen gemstone treatments as well lab grown gemstones with ongoing research to provide the industry with the latest updates available free through this single source website.

The Gemstone Treatment Report actively seeks sharing and information contributions from other gemological organizations, laboratories, schools, dealers, retail jewelers, consumers, and any other interested party who has information to share and contribute to the information database.

The Gemstone Treatment Report was originally a production of the International School of Gemology’s Registered Gemologist course program titled: Identification of Synthetic Gemstones. Due to the urgent need for quality information regarding gemstone treatments, the ISG has opened this database to the industry as a free support service. All Gemstone Treatment Report subscribers will be given the option of a subscription refund or other consolations. For more information please contact the ISG office at 210.877.5816 or email to
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