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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mystery of the Hope Diamond - Sunday!



The Hope Diamond has been through many changes in its life.

It has traveled through the depths of the earth and around the world. It has been downsized by more than half its original size, stolen under cover of night and blamed for any number of tragedies. It has been passed around, passed down, re-set and ultimately immortalized on a pedestal in Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Now the museum is celebrating the Hope's 50th anniversary at the Smithsonian, in style, with an elegant new temporary setting.

The American people voted online for their favorite design, and the winner is the dazzling necklace called "Embracing Hope."

Top designers from Harry Winston, the firm that donated the Hope to the American people, gave their time and talent to celebrate the diamond and create a temporary modern setting. They've taken into account the gem's rich history and American symbolism to design a new setting that emphasizes the diamond's brilliant blue color and impressive size. The setting includes more than 300 baguette diamonds, totaling over 60 carats.

The Hope Diamond will of course return to its original setting after a period of time on public display in its 50th anniversary "party dress." While some believe the stone should always remain in its original setting, many see this as an opportunity to celebrate a gem often referred to as America's crown jewel.

The temporary setting will be on the display at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. Don't miss this rare opportunity to view the Hope Diamond in a dazzling new light.

Check the website for viewer choices for a future setting for the Hope...haven't we already done this?

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