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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Influences Me...

James Miller - the master at work from Orchid Galleries
I am always getting the question - where do you find all this great inspiration?  How do you find something new to write?    Aside from being on every mailing list in the Industry...these are the Influencers in my life and my go - to websites.

...for the Jewelry Designer and Learner in me:
       Ganoksin  - this is so much more than the Ganoksin Library of Archived Design Articles.  Their latest addition is a section called BenchTube - if you learn easier by seeing it - this is for you!  Videos on everything from beginning soldering to hinges to stone setting. Or draw inspiration and find new Designer talent in the Orchid Galleries. Blog posts from hundreds of voices in the Artisan, Lapidary and Retail Jeweler arenas are available on the Orchid Blogs.  The Orchid Forum gives you the ear of close to 10,000 working Jewelers and Lapidaries around the world. Have you ever wondered how other Bench Jewelers work?  you have to check out the BenchExchange project!  BTW - this amazing knowledge base in offered without fees and operates on donation and advertising ONLY.  So donate today or purchase from Advertisers on the site (and let them know you found them on Ganoksin)

Carol Holaday from Orchid Galleries
      Jewelry Making Daily - the new daily newsletter from Interweave - this pulls together all the best from their publications and tutorials - jewelry making techniques from Beads to Wire and, my favorite, Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

...for the Tool and Equipement need in me:
      MJSA - from their new products announcements to their coverage and clear instructions for implementing new Government Requirements - to the always informational techniques covered in their magazine.  BTW - did you know that MJSA has an "Artisan Jeweler" level of membership? feed my need for Beautiful Shiny Objects:
      JCKOnline - this magazine sets the standard for the Jewelry Industry, with news and marketing information for the Retail Jeweler.  But, what I draw from are the great Cutting Remarks blog by Rob Bates (this whole Kimberley Process thing has me confused and Rob helps me sort out the details).  My latest favorite at JCKOnline is the great behind the scenes posts by Jennifer Heebner on her Style 360 blog.  Whether it is a pictorial of outtakes from a cover shoot, shots of submissions for articles or her great coverage of venues like the recent Jewelry Show in India...she feeds my need for something gorgeous everyday.

Adrean Bloomard from Orchid Galleries 

...for the Gem Geek in me:
     AGTA - the American Gem Trade Assoc. - the website is filled with information for professionals and for customers alike...and their new e-Prism Newsletter collects some of the best information from the Internet and provides it to subscribers.

I get great information from Industry contacts, blogs (yep your blog may be influential), Google Alerts (for those of you who can't figure out how I found you) and press releases - if you want to inspire me - email me !
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