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Friday, April 1, 2011

RUMOR ALERT: But It's Huge and A Diamond!

While hanging out at the Tucson Gem Show one hears stories - about people - about companies - about GEMS...this is one of those stories.

I chose to print this story when I heard it again when I got home.   So - make of it what you will - if it is true, I would love to see this stone!  BTW - the info I received came complete with a photo of "the Diamond" sitting inconspicuously on what appears to be a black brief case.

Rumor has it that Paris Hilton is Engagement Ring shopping with her latest boyfriend Cy Waits and needs a stone that will blow former fiance, Paris Latsis' ring, out of the water!  You remember the Greek Shipping Magnate's 24 carat, $4.7 million ring (see photo).  Well - Happy 30th Birthday Paris - we have your Diamond!

This is the quote I was given:

"Is Paris Hilton going to get former Princess Diana’s engagement ring center stone??
Rumor circulating in the principal diamond trading centers is that the center stone of former Princess Diana’s “engagement ring-to be” will be offered soon at auction either at Christie’s or Sotheby’s. The engagement ring, which was produced by Harry Winston, had two heart shaped pink diamonds and a 30.8+ carat round brilliant center stone set in platinum. 
After her passing – the ring was taken apart and the 30.8+ carat center stone was re-cut by a well known diamond expert in NYC and ended up being a 30.72 carat, D color, flawless, triple Ex, type IIa, round brilliant Golconda stone that is certified by GIA. 
Diamond dealers and investors from NYC, Hong Kong, Israel, Las Vegas, and India have been contemplating the purchase.
We are wondering if Paris Hilton’s desire for a 25+ carat engagement ring diamond has been influenced by the rumors of the 30.72 carat soon to be auctioned.
We were informed that both Christie’s and Sotheby’s have been approached about including this famous stone in one of their auctions.
The principal diamond trading centers will be watching carefully as a matched pair of 35+ carat stones and a 25+ carat stone will come up to be auctioned off - in soon to be held auctions." 
 end quote

So forgive me my Gossip Column moment - but - seriously?  Paris Hilton - Princess Diana - AND a diamond over 30 carats?  Can you blame me?  REALLY? ;-p
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