Monday, May 2, 2011


Artists Marry Specialized Trades to Produce One Cohesive Collection

When artists of different backgrounds collaborate on projects, whether it be in music, film, fashion or dance, elements of each artist stand out yet compliment the other, creating one final, inspired conception.  Recently featured in Women’s Wear Daily, jewelry designer and kinetic artist, Andrea Rosenfeld, took to the internet, searching for a fellow, local wood artist to collaborate with and help bring her imaginative designs to life. Ed Kelle, a graphic designer, painter and sculptor, caught Rosenfeld’s attention with his unique woodturning techniques and textures.  Together, with Rosenfeld’s sketches at the helm, the two artists have begun producing small collections of unique and organic jewelry designs that emanate from both artist’s expertise and passions.

Having more than one artistic trade come together combines an abundance of new ideas and builds a foundation for creating an energetic and one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. With Rosenfeld’s knowledge in metalwork and gemstones and Kelle’s proficiency with woodwork comes an exciting marriage in jewelry design.   Beginning with rough sketches of design elements incorporating the wood, Rosenfeld sends her ideas off to Kelle where he begins brainstorming on ways to bring his portion of the visions to fruition.  The designers bounce ideas off of each other while working on their individual components.

“It is important that I send him either an image of the stone or the basic color tones so he and I can pick the wood that would work best,” says Rosenfeld. “From there, we discuss strength and structure based on the type of jewelry I’m designing and species of wood before individually working on our portions.”

“The contrast of the wood with metal and gems is perfect. They exist together in harmony, and the different textures play off of one another beautifully” says Kelle. “My experience in different artistic mediums, such as 2D mediums of painting and drawing, influence the 3D work of sculpture and woodturning and vice versa. I always make good use of my knowledge and experience in all fields in order to create my vision.”

Each piece speaks to an organic feel; designed around the natural movement/grain of the wood and stone. The pieces are earth-conscious, using reclaimed wood, recycled silver and stones harvested ethically (where available) and each have healing elements ignited by Rosenfeld, using Reiki, to release the metaphysical energies of the stones and metals.  Interested in promoting the healing properties of minerals, Rosenfeld studied Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.  Rosenfeld balances and charges the stones and metals, increasing their ability to uplift others. 

“You have to trust each other’s expertise and judgment when collaborating with a fellow artist and as artists who experiment, our goal is to expand our techniques, skills and knowledge base as well as complete the project,” says Rosenfeld. “Ed and I are eager to learn from one another.  Our conversations are peppered with energy and excitement.  We try to ‘see’ how each of us envisions our own handling of our particular materials and we connect through our collaboration.”

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