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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Celebrity Jewel: Tamera Mowry Weds in Erica Courtney's Diamond & Platinum Jewels!

How many hours did you spend growing up watching the hilarious antics of the adorable twin sisters Tia & Tamera Mowry on the popular TV Sitcom "Sister Sister"?  

OK - maybe you aren't as old as I am...there are several episodes on YouTube if you are interested.

Last weekend Tamera Mowry, now 32, married fiancĂ©e Adam Housley, 39 year old FOX News correspondent, in a rustic Wine Country Wedding in the garden at the Villagio Inn & Spa in Napa Valley among 300 or their friends and family. 

Housley proposed to to Tamera on a trip to Venice last January - how romantic is that!

Tamera says she relied heavily on her twin sister and matron of honor Tia, who is expecting her first child in July. "She's had her little bridezilla moments, but she's been pretty cool," 
via PEOPLE Magazine.

A beautifully sentimental moment in the ceremony took place when the bride and groom presented their parents with four long-stemmed roses. "Even though it's our day, we wanted to honor them, because without their love and support we wouldn't be the people we are today,"

More info about the wedding for those of you can never get enough of a great People Magazine

OK - now for the real reason for this trip down Memory Lane - the JEWELS!!!

Tamera was resplendent in jewels by Erica Courtney:
  • Platinum and diamond Flower Basket earrings
  • Platinum and diamond Cheerio bracelet
  • Platinum and multi-color diamond Moulin Rose necklace
Platinum jewelry ideas and trends for your Wedding:

Photo Credit:  Jose Villa

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