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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Jeweler's History Project on Ganoksin

Re-print of a press release from Ganoksin Project:

Announcing - 

Jeweler's History Project

Over the last three decades we have acquired over 40 rare historical Metalsmithing books that we will make available to jewelers, goldsmiths and the metalsmithing community.

These books cover special techniques in depth like chasing, repousse, engraving, niello making, Japanese chiseling, soldering, construction, patination and metal coloring, silversmithing and more. There are many recipes for alloys and metal surface treatments. 

The manuscripts will be gradually published in a digital format over the coming months. 

For the first time in history, these ancient metal tricks and recipes will be made available to the contemporary community of curious artists and metalsmiths. This information will allow the reader to apply the simple and ingenious procedures used by the jewelers of the past, long dead masters of the art of metalsmithing. Many of the tricks and recipes described will save the maker money, as older approaches can sometimes replace modern tools. 

We invite you to own the entire collection of manuscripts, and benefit from the ancient wisdom that we are presenting., while supporting the Ganoksin Project. 

Each pdf is a full digital book of searchable text and images, with an easy access through an interactive table of contents. 

The cost is 1.35 US$ per eBook for a single user license which allows you to install, read and print the material on a single computer.

Just a few examples of what is available:

Repousse Work for Amateurs by L. L. Haslope

Price: 1.35 US$

(subtitled "Being the Art of Ornamenting Thin Metal with Raised Figures")
Another book essential for the serious chaser! This one concentrates on details of chasing, tools, working methods. Includes a number of metal working techniques as well, sawing finishing etc. It is 103 pages (and a number of further pages of fascinating advertisements)

File Size: 6.17MB, 103 pages.

Educational Metalcraft by P. Wylie Davidson, 1913

Price: 1.35 US$

This book, originally published in England in 1913 covers repousse, fine chasing, silversmithing, jewellery and enamelling. It is part of Longman's technical handicraft series of books. Inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement it details the practical ways that are not touched on as deeply in most texts since. The drawings are excellent, clear and insightful. Like, really excellent. Along with exceptional chasing and repousse information there are surprises, like the many pages of wire and sheet metal strip twisting examples for borders and decoration. The section on enameling is unusual in its early viewpoint, grinding lump enamel being the only option, and firing trivet designs of interest. It has over 378 illustrations, beautifully hand drawn and carried out.

File Size: 22MB, 227 pages.

Decoration of Metals - Chasing, Repousse and Saw Piercing by John Harrison, 1894

Price: 1.35 US$

Published in 1894. This heavily illustrated book, many photographs and line drawings which cover chasing and repousse in depth and with subtlety. The hundreds of excellent line drawings of tools, stamps, and more are excellent. The tool end images are especially clear. There are many photographs of complex chased trays and other objects. This is a great book, and essential for a serious jeweler and chaser.

File Size: 68MB, 164 pages.
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