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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Shawish Creates The ULTIMATE Diamond Ring!

It was with great skepticism that I clicked through to the article in yesterday's JCK News Daily.   Rob Bates blog post announced the first All - Diamond Diamond Ring!

From Rob Bates, Cutting Remarks blog

In my years covering the diamond beat, I’ve seen a lot of unique spins on the diamond ring concept, but I have to give credit to Geneva company Shawish for this one: They have introduced the first diamond ring made entirely of diamond.
That’s right: The whole thing is made of single faceted diamond. It is the “first diamond ring,” says the company, who has patented the concept. And it certainly looks striking:   

With spreads in everything from Fashion Magazines like Vogue and Industry publications alike this is sure to shake up the Industry and every little girl's previous notion of the Ultimate Diamond Engagement Ring!   I can't believe that we haven't seen this on a Celebrity yet!

According to Shawish on YouTube: Shawish secured the copyright for the all-diamond ring one year ago in Geneva. It took one year to get the copyright and Shawish had to undergo multiple tests with the design to get the precision of the circle right using special laser equipment to cut directly into the diamond.

"It seemed impossible but we decided to embark in this adventure, to make a Dream come true" say brothers Mohamed and Majdy Shawesh, Ceo and founders of Shawish Jewellery.

This 3D Animation is about the making of The World's First Diamond Ring by luxury Swiss jewellers Shawish. 
Directed by Elia D'Anna, Music by Simon Baring & Rufus, Executive Producer Elio D'Anna Jr at Intoit Management.


Ruby Gray's said...

That's certainly an impressive ring!

AFlyOnTheWall said...

VERY! thanks Ruby, not sure what adjective to use ...impressive works I guess! ;-p


Unknown said...

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