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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Integrity Pearls Lives Again!

A few months ago Jewelry Makers got a notice from the popular Integrity Pearls owner Doug Anderson that he was moving on and the he would be closing Integrity Pearls.  The news was met with sadness of losing a friend...and cries of where will we find this quality at these prices!

Well today the following message came:


A little while ago, I sadly informed our many valued customers that, because of my new full-time role directing an international charitable organization, I would no longer be able to continue with Integrity Pearls, providing "quality pearls at great prices." There was an avalanche of disappointed yet supportive email messages... including one that really caught my attention, from Sharon McConnell.

Sharon has been a long-time customer - in many ways typical of most of our customers - using our pearls to create awesome jewelry for her small business. She expressed a keen interest in taking over theIntegrity Pearls business and continuing to offer the same quality and service. As we communicated, it was clear that this was a perfect fit. In fact, I am totally convinced that in her hands, Integrity Pearls will become better than ever!

I have invested many long hours and days working with Sharon, turning over every aspect of the business, sharing my secrets about first-class customer service, pearl quality and value pricing... and telling all my stories about how wonderful our customers are.

So it is without hesitation that I present to you...
Integrity Pearls reborn!

And from the new proprietor:

Thank you, Doug, for that wonderful introduction, and greetings to all my fellow Beaders and Designers! I want to personally thank all our great customers for your past loyalty and support. As the new owner of Integrity Pearls I will do my best to continue the high standards of Quality - Value - Beauty for all your pearl needs.

I have been designing, making, and selling my own jewelry for many years, so I understand how important it is to have a consistent source of beautiful pearls for your designs. My pledge is that Integrity Pearlswill be here for you, as your best source of pearls; providing quality you can count on!
We are just days away from re-opening the new Web Store, so be watching for the next email with all the exciting details, including an OPENING DAY SALE!

We really look forward to the Opening Day Sale!

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