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Saturday, September 10, 2011

GIA Florence - School Closed...GIA Assisting in Transition

So sad to hear - please pass the information on - GIA is trying to step up and assist students currently enrolled in the Florence school!

Sept. 7, 2011
Dear GIA Alumni and Students,
As part of our GIA family, we strive to keep you informed and to seek your ongoing assistance in furthering education. As such, I want to make you aware that GIA has terminated its agreement with the owners of the licensee school in Florence, Italy. The outside party that owns the school provided GIA educational programs through its license agreement with GIA. The Institute has been informed that the owners of the licensee school intend to file for bankruptcy.
Our commitment is to the students who are enrolled in the Florence school. We are trying to locate and contact those currently enrolled there so we can help them with their transitional plans. We are requesting your assistance in locating them.
Students enrolled at GIA Florence will be offered options to continue their education:
  • Transitional assistance to another GIA campus, such as in London, which is in close proximity to Florence, or to Distance Education
  • Full refund for fees paid for those electing not to continue their GIA education
GIA is stepping in to offer alternatives to all enrolled students who contact us. Although the school in Florence is not owned nor controlled by GIA, we are deeply concerned about the students and want to ensure they receive the finest gemological education.
If you have any information regarding students currently enrolled at GIA Florence, please or call (760) 603-4001.
As GIA Alumni and students, you understand the importance of education and how fostering new talent in gemology helps the industry.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Donna Baker
President and CEO

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