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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrating the Cutting Edge...the Winning Gem Faceters!

As in previous years I would love to show the same credit to the Cutting Edge Awards that every Industry Magazine is showing to the Jewelry Awards - if you have a photo of your winning entry forward it to robynahawk at gmail and I would be happy to include you here and on my AFlyOnTheWall Posterous page...lets get the Rocks some press time  ;-p

This year's AGTA Spectrum Awards™ will be presented during the 2012 AGTA GemFair™ Tucson to be held January 31 – February 5 at the Tucson Convention Center in Tucson, Arizona. Winning entries will be displayed during the show and AGTA Spectrum Awards™ recipients will be recognized during the AGTA Dinner Dance and Awards Gala. The event starts at 7:00 pm Saturday, February 4. Tickets for the gala are $100 and cocktail attire is encouraged.

AGTA Cutting Edge Awards honor excellence and creativity in lapidary arts, including natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls, carvings, and other gem materials.


Classic Cut Gemstones: 
Classic Gemstones- 1st Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - 30.04 ct. unheated oval yellow Sapphire.

Classic Gemstones - 2nd Place
Phillip Youngman, Richard Krementz Gemstones - 7.66 ct. cushion-cut blue Sapphire.

Classic Gemstones - 3rd Place,
Joseph Ambalu - Amba Gem Corp. - 6.07 ct. unheated Ruby.

Classic Gemstone - Honorable Mention
Richard Krementz Gemstones, Richard Krementz Gemstones - 19.18 ct. antique-cut yellow Sapphire.

Classic Gemstone - Honorable Mention
Joseph Ambalu, Amba Gem Corp. - 8.06 ct. oval Padparadscha Sapphire.

All Other Faceted Gemstones - 1st Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - 10.07 ct. oval purple Spinel.

Roger Dery 12.7 x 12.7 x 8.4mm  8.77ct  
Merelani Mint Garnet; untreated; purchased in Arusha January 2011
All Other Faceted Gemstones - 2nd Place
Roger L. Dery, Spectral Gems, Inc. - 8.77 ct. trillion, step-cut Merelani mint Garnet.

All Other Faceted Gemstones - 3rd Place
Phillip Youngman, Richard Krementz Gemstones - 15.20 ct. cushion-cut Sphene.

All Other Faceted Gemstones  - Honorable Mention
Ben Kho, Kho International, Inc. - 18.80 ct. round Portuguese-cut Rhodochrosite.

Phenomenal Gemstones:
Phenomenal - 1st Place
Robyn Dufty, DuftyWeis Opals, Inc. - 27.30 ct. black Opal cat's eye.

Phenomenal - 2nd Place
Sailesh Lakhi, Sparkles and Colors, Inc. - 17.0 ct. oval Moonstone cabochon.

Phenomenal - 3rd Place
Joseph Ambalu - Amba Gem Corp. - 8.51 ct. oval Alexandrite

Pairs & Suites: 
Pairs & Suites - 1st Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - Pair of oval red Spinels (22.28 ctw.).

Pairs & Suites - 2nd Place
Allen Kleiman, A. Kleiman & Co. - Cushion-cut mint Tourmaline suite (158.74 ctw.).

Pairs & Suites - 3rd Place
Aivan Pham, Commercial Mineral - Somewhere in the Rainbow - "My Fair Lady" pair of fan-cut rubellite
Tourmalines (26.75 ctw.).

Pairs & Suites - Honorable Mention
Aivan Pham, Commercial Mineral - Somewhere in the Rainbow - "Razzle Dazzle" graduated suite of
Asscher-cut rubellite Tourmalines (26.74 ctw.).

Innovative Faceting: 

Innovative Faceting - 1st Place
Dalan Hargrave, Geogem-USA - 30.0 ct. "Hugs and Kisses" Morganite.

Innovative Faceting - 2nd Place
John Dyer, John Dyer & Co. - 63.57 ct. "Super Citrine" featuring flat facets and micro-grooving for brilliance.

Innovative Faceting - 3rd Place
Darrell Jang, Darrell Jang - 9-10 ct. elongated octagon and concave-cut Tourmaline.

Innovative Faceting - Honorable Mention
Richard P. Homer, Gems by Design, Inc. - 30.95 ct. rutilated Quartz with a single natural needle in the

Part of a Collection called "Somewhere in the Rainbow"
Material from Tammy & Dave Wheatley's Sunstone Butte Mine
Innovative Faceting - Honorable Mention
Darryl Alexander, Sunstone Butte Mining Co. - "Sea Foam and Sunset" 70.0 ct. bubble-cut Sunstone.

Carving - 1st Place
Naomi Sarna, Naomi Sarna Designs - 368.50 ct. carved Amethyst.

Photo Credit:   AZAD Photography
Carving - 2nd Place
Darryl Alexander - Alexander's Jewelers - "Immortal Flight" carved Agate feather.

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