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Monday, November 28, 2011

Designer Jewel: Spotlight on Aaron Henry Designs

Jewelry Designer Spotlight Shines on Aaron Henry Designs

"The hallmarks to AARON HENRY jewelry are design integrity, gemstone quality, fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. Fine jewelry is an art form, and the creative process extends beyond our studio into every aspect of the world, which we inhabit.
Where we travel, whom we meet and how we interact with nature and culture; our experiences and desires all influence the direction that our designs take. This is why the jewelry that we create today will remain relevant for future generations, and why our designs will continue to evolve"          Philosophy from Aaron Henry Designs

When you are born into a family which boasts three generations of Jewelers and Diamond Merchants that date to 1940, there is little doubt as to the path you will take.   Such was the lot of California born Aaron Furlong and he embraced it.  Having acquired his Bachelors of Arts Degree from UC Davis and Graduate Gemologist Certification from the Gemological Institute of America by the time he was 21 the logical next step was to learn the Trade he needed an Apprenticeship.

This was accomplished with a six year commitment to a Master Jeweler in Los Angeles, CA.  When, following the subsequent expansion of those teachings to include design, carving, and casting...Aaron Henry Designs was born.  Creating unique works inspired by nature and made entirely in America.

A testament to the quality and craftsmanship produced are the accolades awarded Aaron Henry Designs. The prestigious Spectrum Award from the American Gem Trade Association - featured status by The World Gold Council and DeBeers - and extensive coverage in Fashion and Industry name just a few.

One of the really interesting features of the Aaron Henry website is his step by step pictorial of the Design process...while it is very informational to his customers - I would imagine that it brings in Custom work while reinforcing the level of Craftsmanship in his pieces.  Starting with the rendering - moving through the waxes - making a mold - setting and assembly - through to finish.

Take a minute and check out the pictorial here.

Take-aways from this Designer's Story:

Retail Jeweler - if you are looking for designers that are Makers and don't ship the work abroad...Aaron Henry is for you.  There is an increased emphasis on "Made In America" by the local & national press - are you taking full advantage?  

Jewelry Designer:  does your website have a feature that builds confidence in your ability to provide a Custom piece of jewelry?   is there a technique that you are particularly skilled at that you could highlight?

Jewelry Design Student: I think the biggest thing for a student to learn from Aaron Henry is in his "Philosophy" statement...students always question how to continue to come up with new design ideas.  "Where we travel, whom we meet and how we interact with nature and culture; our experiences and desires all influence the direction that our designs take. "  So - lead a full life and glean from those will always produce something new!

Aaron Henry Designs website:

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