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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spectrum Winners to Teach Design Secrets at Revere

For the first time, San Francisco's Revere Academy will host a design class that teaches students five key essentials to creative success. The five-day class, Awaken Your Creativity, will be held during Revere's annual Masters Symposium, from April 23-27, 2012 - taught by Gregoré and Jennifer Morin, a husband-wife team, both of whom are multiple AGTA Spectrum award-winners. The class is open to students at all levels.

Intended for those who want to learn what it takes to create a line of jewelry and design award-winning pieces, this class gives students step-by-step techniques to achieve these goals. Both instructors are outstanding, award-winning jewelry designers who will teach students how to open creative doors, solve problems, and enhance their jewelry design skills. The class combines lectures, guided exercises, individual exploration, group discussion, and skill building. All of this is accessible and fundamental to the novice, key to those building on past experience and invaluable to those farther along the path. 

The class is organized into the five essentials of creative success: Imagination, Seeing, Drawing, Designing, and Believing. Participants will learn the foundation principles of design, drawing, and coloring and how to render dimensional jewelry designs with gemstones using watercolors and colored pencils. Each student will learn how to create a personal "jewelry journal" for use as inspiration to design a collection of original jewelry. This class provides the tools and environment for students to identify and develop their own style, create new work, and unleash their creativity.

Gregoré Morin is a Canadian-trained master goldsmith and jewelry designer. He has won 12 AGTA Spectrum awards for jewelry design, 2 MJSA awards, the AJDC New Talent Contest and JA's Mort Abelson New Designer of the Year Award. All work is designed and hand made by Gregoré with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

Jennifer Morin is a London-trained master goldsmith and jewelry designer who received High Commendations in her final examinations. Jennifer has an MFA in metals under the tutelage of German-trained Dieter Müller-Stach, as well as a California High School teaching credential. Jennifer is the in-house designer at Silverhorn Jewelers in Santa Barbara. She has won 4 AGTA Spectrum awards and was an AJDC New Talent Contest runner-up. Gregoré and Jennifer Morin are married and share a studio in Santa Barbara, California. Visit gregorejoailliers. com.and jenniferjoailliers. com.

Awaken Your Creativity will be part of the Revere Academy's 2012 Masters Symposium, a world-class series of workshops held from April 7-27 in San Francisco. The Masters Symposium is an opportunity to learn from top-notch jewelry artisans, teaching 2 and 5-day workshops in the areas of their greatest expertise. Most classes are open to students at all levels; from absolute beginner to advanced. Each week during its Masters Symposium, the Academy hosts a Wednesday evening lecture/reception for visiting masters, open to the public.

 Master's Symposium
Each spring the Academy invites prominent master craftsmen from across the country and overseas to teach workshops in their areas of specialization. A reception and slide lecture by visiting masters is open to the public each Wednesday evening during the Symposium.

We are pleased to present an exciting line-up of all-star instructors for our 2012 Masters Symposium including Michael Boyd, Charles Lewton-Brain, Andy Cooperman, Tom Herman, Jayne Redman, Davide Bigazzi, Hariete Estel Berman, Deborah Lozier, and AGTA Spectrum Award winners, Gregoré and Jennifer Morin. Click on the class title to the right for more details.The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts is a professional jewelry school located in downtown San Francisco's historic Phelan Building. Schedules, information and a free video tour are available upon request from:

Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
760 Market Street, Suite 900
San Francisco, Ca 94102

Tel: 415-391-4179 
Web Site: www.revereacademy. com
E-mail: info@revereacademy. com
Fax: 415-391-7570
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