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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Carrie Underwood Wears "Stars of Africa Collection" at CMAs

I inadvertently left the following information out of my previous post about CMA Jewelry.

Along with her 11 costume host Carrie Underwood wore pieces from the Stars of Africa Collection by Royal Asscher throughout the 45th Annual Country Music Association Awards.

In her opening skit with co host Brad Paisley she is wearing a pair of simple yet sophisticated yellow gold diamond earrings designed by Royal Asscher

Closing the show, Carrie perfectly paired her pale green gown with Royal Asscher’s yellow gold floating diamond pendant necklace.

 Not only did Carrie look gorgeous while co hosting the CMA'S, she was able to support a good cause at the same time by wearing diamonds from Royal Asscher's Stars of Africa Collection. Well known for her conscious, and cruelty free attitude towards fashion, Carrie jumped at the opportunity to support The Diamond Empowerment Fund and Royal Asscher's use of non-conflict diamonds. 

Carrie Underwood wore 18kt yellow gold Affinity Link Earrings- with Royal Asscher cut Diamonds and micro pave by:  
 Royal Asscher Diamonds (
...and yellow gold 18kt Stars of Africa full sapphire globe with floating diamonds necklace by:
                      Royal Asscher Diamonds (

Royal Asscher was established in 1854 in the Netherlands and has had a very influential presence in the diamond industry. The company cut the world's largest diamond to date
, (3105 carats) and also has been awarded the title "Royal" two times from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands for being the top in the industry. Royal Asscher has provided jewelry to Royals for over a century now including Queen Elizabeth II and the Late Princess Diana. 

Recently a more contemporary collection with a charitable tie-in was created called 
Stars of Africa. The collection represents one of the greatest innovations in the jewelry industry- floating diamonds! Diamonds which are encased in a fluid filled dome move around freely which creates an effect that is utterly mesmerizing. Royal Asschers beautiful modern twist on traditional diamond design is also helping to rebuild Africa, which gives each piece an underlying beauty as well. Royal Asscher refuses to work with conflict diamonds that originate from war torn countries and are unethically sourced and sold to fund warfare and civil destruction. Royal Asscher only sources diamonds from nations that are fully compliant with the Kimberly Process, an international diamond industry initiative to stop the flow of conflict diamonds.

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