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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Celebrity Jewel: Bulgari's Mission Possible!

This from Bulgari's Facebook page...for original post see:


Bulgari is thrilled to announce that it makes a remarkable appearance in the latest "Mission: Impossible"' installment - "Ghost Protocol".

The brand was the natural partner for the stylized universe of M:I4, perfectly complimenting the glamourous and chic aesthetic of a key scene of the highly anticipated film.

The stunning one of a kind Bulgari earrings, made of yellow gold with turquoises, green tourmalines and round brilliant cut diamonds 2.49 ct.are the obvious choice for Agent Jane Carter, clearly adorning the sophisticated and sexy look of her character.

"Mission: Impossible, Ghost Protocol" is currently being released in theaters worldwide.

Your mission, should you accept it: go watch the movie in a cinema near you and let us know what you think about Bulgari's latest Hollywood cameo!

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