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Friday, March 2, 2012

GL Gem Raman™ – now available

Gemlab Research & Technology has released its GL Gem Raman™ system.

The GL Gem Raman™ is an advanced gem testing instrument for experienced gemmologists, gem merchants, mineral collectors and others; it is also an excellent educational tool.

GL Gem Raman™ linked to database

Carved jadeite statue being tested
The GL Gem Raman quickly can tell the difference between diamond, cubic zirconia, glass and zircon, distinguish jadeite from nephrite, separate real from faux pearls, tell whether it is ivory or plastic. There is great potential for detecting treatments and colour enhancements in gemstones; it will help in the determination of the nature of diamonds, gemstones and minerals.

The GL Gem Raman software allows real-time spectral acquisition; it can be used to operate both the GL Gem Spectrometer and the GL Gem  Raman making them a powerful combo unit for advanced gemstone and mineral identification. It can replace other advanced spectrometer types such as NIR256-2.5 near-infrared spectrometers, FTIR (Fourier transform spectroscopy) spectrometers and temperature regulated Raman units.

The spectra can be saved and imported into a searchable database program with over 3,000 references; the database is linked to the large on-line mineralogical RUFF database for Raman spectra.

GL Gem  Raman users will also have access to the  C.I.G. (Canadian Institute of Gemmology) gem reference library which is being compiled from its large gem study collection. Other reference databases can be consulted on-line.

The GL Gem  Raman™ is now available for under $ 7,000 FOB Vancouver, Canada... to order go to the Gemlab on-line store.

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