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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Twisted - Screwed - New From Erica Miller

With a passion for blending past and present together in beautiful balance, Erica Miller Designs introduces a signature new line of handcrafted jewelry with timeless, personalized appeal. The collection - including rings, bracelets, cuffs, pendants and earrings - comes in an array of sterling silver and 14k gold pieces, and features distinctive details like twisted wire, tiny screws, inspiring messages, crystals and gemstones. 

Each jewelry piece is handcrafted, tumbled and hand-burnished for perfect shine and finish. In ordering many of the pieces, the purchaser can make the call about its features: an initial for a child, loved one, your own monogram or favorite gemstone makes the design special and completely your own. Some of the highlighted Erica Miller Designs which allow you to choose your own metals and vintage stones are: Luck Horseshoe Ring & Pendant ($115), Champagne Hope Ring ($240), Love Monogram Ring ($275), and the whimsical Wish Bracelet ($132). The Love Celebration Pendant, engraved with your desired year or initials, is the perfect keepsake - ideal for an anniversary present or a personal memento. 

Adding a classic French twist to everyday jewelry staples, the Plaque de Muselet (champagne cap) designs are the collection favorite. Inspired by the twisted wire and cap on a champagne bottle, Erica created numerous pieces that feature this clever nod to the finer things in life - and each piece can even be customized with monogrammed initials or signs to reflect any moment in the wearer's life journey. With your one-of-a-kind custom touches, a piece from this collection becomes a truly unique reflection of personality and purpose. 

Hailing from the Mile High City of Denver, Erica Miller infuses her love of family into all her works - from her first creation, a champagne cap and wire welded together by her husband to form a ring, to her daughter's fairy wand that influenced her Wish collection. Each of these and more are available for purchase on the website. Finding inspiration in the world and people around her, the designer uses everyday objects as the foundation of her craft, whether it's a champagne cap, screws out of her husband's tool closet, or her grandmother's antique wedding ring. The collection can also be found in select boutiques.

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