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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Court Rules Harout R Can Compete In Bridal Market

Court ruling grants designer Harout R freedom to compete in the bridal jewelry market

Published: Monday, Aug. 13, 2012 - 5:08 am
/PRNewswire/ - A U.S. District Court judge for the Southern District of New York has denied Ritani LLC an application for a preliminary injunction against Harout R to allow the world-acclaimed jewelry designer freedom to compete fairly in the bridal jewelry market.
The court decision affirms the right of Harout R to continue to design and sell its signature collections of diamond engagement and wedding rings.  The Court also dismissed claims of copyright infringement and permitted the use of the "Harout R" name.  Judge Sweet dismissed all state law claims for "false advertising."  The Court found that, as of December 2010, Aghjayan (and Harout R) were free to sell to and solicit business from Ritani's customers, as the contract "placed no restrictions on Aghjayan's solicitation of potential customers." Ritani LLC is owned byCantor Fitzgerald and the Julius Klein Group Company, a DTC De Beers sightholder.
"We are gratified that the judge has ruled favorably in this case as we have always maintained that the claim for an injunction was without merit and this court decision is proof of that," stated Harout Aghjayan, founder of Harout R. "Our position as a trusted source in the bridal jewelry industry today remains unchallenged and we look forward to offering our customers our finest bridal collections leading into this next holiday season."
Harout R will continue to provide its exclusive bridal diamond designs to authorized jewelry retailers across the country with the same commitment to innovation, uncompromising quality and craftsmanship that has been the trademark of the premier jewelry designer for over 25 years.
About Harout R A world renowned and prodigal jewelry designer, Harout R has been creating timeless designs of exquisite diamond and platinum  jewelry for over 25 years. Harout Aghjayan began his career in the jewelry industry at the age of 17 as a bench jeweler and diamond setter.  In 1996, he founded his own designer manufacturing facility, producing jewelry collections primarily for Tiffany & Co.  In 2011, Aghjayan launched his new brand of signature designs, HAROUT R.  The modern collections of diamond engagement and wedding rings are available exclusively at select retailers across the United States.

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