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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CORA - When You Want That Red Carpet Glamour

For Cora, jewelry is not just an makes the woman who wears it feel special. 
As one of the leading diamond manufacturers in the world, Cora understands that exceptional diamonds demand exceptional expertise - from cutting to setting to design. 

For over 30 years, Cora International has produced, bought and sold some of the largest, rarest and most prized diamonds in the gem world. 

Their vast inventory of diamonds include the worlds largest 218 carat cushion cut diamond ring as well as a 50 carat fancy yellow diamond set in yellow gold and ebony wood. 

Cora's skilled craftsmen have years of experience cutting and polishing rough diamonds into beautiful white stones while extracting the exquisite color out of natural fancy colored diamonds. Cora works with diamonds in all colors including yellow, pink, blue, brown and white, to name a few.
"The design process starts with each individual diamond. We carefully study the diamond and its characteristics and then create a piece of jewelry around its particular shape and color. Every piece is meticulously manufactured according to the individual stone or stones that are being cut. That's why our diamonds and diamond jewelry are beyond compare."
That's why every piece of jewelry that Cora creates is worthy of a red carpet moment.

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