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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

La Vie Boheme: Dreaming of 'Resort' Escapes

As the weather outside gets frightful, fashionista jetsetters seek refuge to resort escapes at faraway isles, whether realized or dreamt. Free spirited and nomadic, these thrill seekers are always in search of la vie Bohème. Keeping true to this mantra, jewelry is worn as a form of expression, where exotic gemstones and geometric tribal patterns form bold baubles as unique as the wearer.

The groovy yet posh architecture and lush landscape of Moroccan bohemian epicenter, Marrakech, is reflected in the lavish, one-of-a-kind rings, necklaces and earrings worn by modern-day gypsies. Translucent and opaque gemstones such as amethyst, lemon quartz and citrine harmonize to create swanky, asymmetrical statement rings and jagged-shaped bib necklaces.

In true escapade fashion, an elephant safari adventure inspires the perfect backdrop to don 24K pure silver hammered earrings with brown patina and raw diamonds. The ultimate destination mantra-no shirt, no shoes, no problems-brings out chic swimwear and eccentric jewels that are the only suitcase necessities to find peace and tranquility in the life of a bohemian.

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