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Sunday, March 17, 2013

SUTRA Passionate About Mozambique Ruby!

Sutra - you have seen these amazing pieces on your favorite celebrities from TV, Movies, Sports, all the way up to the White House...the consensus is - SUTRA ROCKS!

Evoking the passion of RED, Sutra took the essence of the Mozambique ruby and designed an electrifying collection. From the drawing board to the realization of the piece the cascading earrings and intricately embellished rings reflect the classic designs inspired by the Edwardian era.

Designer Arpita Navlakha's continuous love affair with jewelry and making women feel beautiful resonates deep within this collection. Rubies have traditionally been associated with wealth and romance due to its rich red color; Navlakha brings this wearable luxury to life with this new collection. 

Red, a symbol of passion and intense emotion, whether it is lust, love or anger the ruby embodies the fury of each of these emotions.  Whatever RED is to you...SUTRA has it covered in this stunning new RED Carpet Ready Collection!

SUTRA can be found at Fragments and other Fine Jewelry Outlets....

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