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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bugging Out with some of our Favorite DesignLines...

Bugs have never been so chic thanks to one of fall's hottest accessory trends. 

Nature's creepiest creatures are getting a friendly makeover with a dash of colorful gemstones and sparkling diamonds.

Metamorphosis your look with nature's smallest of critters. 

Spread your wings and fly away with butterfly and dragonfly brooches, rings and pendants. 

Spin a web with an eight-legged friend as an oversized ring; if arachnids aren't your thing just BEE your sweet self with a bee-autiful statement accessory. 

You'll be shouting beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice for this bugged out look. 

Some of Spring's finest buggy looks from Arunashi, Le Vian, Michael M, Madstone, IritDesign and Victor Velyan


Unknown said...

Robyn, you should check out the incredible insect jewelry of Wallace Chan. One year David Yurman introduced my dad to him at the Hong Kong show & his work blew us away from the start! Do google him!

AFlyOnTheWall said...

Thanks Michael! Wallace Chan is my all time FAV - that is why I was so excited to see these newer designers picking up the trend!

Bugs are precious jewelry to me and it is very apparent if you follow my Pinterest...I have a "Bugs Bugs Bugs" board at:

Unknown said...

Gotcha. Glad you've had the opportunity to appreciate Chan's work for so long...insect jewelry is certainly a fun niche, but it's quite a challenge creating designs that can compete with the Master!


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