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Sunday, April 7, 2013

#DesignerSpotlight - Meet Sharlinn Liew of Sharart Design

You were introduced briefly to Sharlinn earlier this year when she was chosen as one of The Centurion Show's "Emerging Designers 2013".

I am intrigued with her kinetic jewelry and delighted by her use of colored gemstones. So I am giving you just a little more....

Sharart Design is an emerging brand founded by Singaporean Shar-Linn. Her mother, who used to be a courtier, fueled her passion in fashion and antiquity. Her greatest enjoyment was accompanying her mother on buying trip to Hong Kong – combing the fabric and accessories market. However, it was her husband who exposed her to the world of gemstone and fine jewelry. With his encouragement, she enrolled as a student at the G.I.A Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, CA.
After a two-year stint as a Jewelry Merchandiser at a TV Jewelry network, Shar-Linn decided to focus on her own collection. Her creations are entirely handcrafted by her husband's jewelry manufacturing house of more than 30 years of experience.
The inspirations behind Sharart pieces are constantly evolving around her Asian heritage and old European allure. Be it the architectural lines of Asian Pagodas or mid-century Art Deco styles, Shar-Linn absorbs and crystallizes her inspiration and design something she considers art.
You WILL be hearing more about this talented new designer. 
For more of her work:
    Ring from the Orient Pirouette collection
    Purple and pink sapphire, ruby and diamonds in 18K yellow gold

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