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Friday, June 21, 2013

#JWLV - Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show #LVAJW

There is no location in Las Vegas more perfectly suited to the show it hosts than the Paris Hotel partnership with the Las Vegas Antique Jewelry and Watch Show!

From the vintage feel of the decor to the opulence of their stunning chandeliers this place just feels like you are taking a step back in time.

I would love to share some of the highlights for me!  ...for those wanting a little more there is a photo album on The Daily Jewel page on Facebook that has all the photos I took...


Joden World Resources has what is believed to be the largest and rarest collection of the work of Carlo Giuliano (1831-1895).

The bracelet itself is a fully hinged bangle, as we would call it. It is in 18 karat yellow gold gem set with square sapphires, rubies and trimmed in diamonds which is typical of the time period.  Carlo Giuliano is considered among experts to be the master of all jewelers who ever lived. Notably a personal friend and often private jeweler to Queen Victoria. 
...more on this Designer on the Tumblr - Historic Gems & Jewelry

Even more impressive is that it comes in it's original custom designed presentation box!

Also from Joden - this gorgeous mosaic suite - you just don't see much antique mosaic that doesn't show signs of loss...and again "in the original box"!


18k Silver on Gold Bow Brooch in the original box from a London Jeweler.
30ctw Natural Blue Sapphire framed with 5ctw of Rose Cut Diamonds.  Weights are approximated.
Vivid Diamonds is a Miami based company that initially specialized in cutting rough diamonds to manufacture fine white and rare natural fancy colored diamonds and diamond jewelry. 

I don't have the specifics on this stunning Art Deco Bracelet - check their website for info...
Over 5ctw in Orange Diamonds! WOW!

Today Vivid Diamonds' gem and jewelry collections encompass virtually every facet of the gem and jewelry industry - they have created their own designer jewelry line - they carry a full assortment of natural colored gemstones and gemstone jewelry - and most recently, they have added unique and beautiful vintage estate pieces. Today Vivid Diamonds' gem and jewelry collections encompass virtually every facet of the gem and jewelry industry.

I found this line on their website and I have to say that I totally agree!  "What is even more impressive is their success at making every customer feel elated to have met and dealt with Vivid Diamonds."


Silver on Gold Necklace to Tiara conversion piece complete in custom presentation box with all of the hardware intact
This UK based company was founded by three brothers descending from a line of jewellers, the business began as a stall in the Portobello Road Antiques Market.

From their gallery in a beautiful Edwardian building on Maddox Street in the heart of Mayfair, an area rich in the history of the antiques trade of London, today the company is at the pinnacle of their trade, with clientele across the US, Europe and the Far East.

There was quite literally, beauty in every direction at this show...

Fouquet at Marjan Sterk 

Stunning Demantoid Garnet Brooch - that is a snake I would certainly wear! from J. S. Fearnley

Chaumet - Persian Turquoise Parure from Eric Originals and Antiques

...and from Ely & Co.
 (whose exquisite blue diamonds didn't photograph well), an amazing presentation of blue, pink and yellow diamond rings that included a stunning Tiffany & Co. Blue Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring!

He also showed a really lovely collection of vintage and antique watches - some limited edition pieces (I particularly liked the one with the Maharajah Hunting Scene on the face)...

And this exquisite gold Audemars Piguet, skeleton front and back, that clips to the wearers belt.

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