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Thursday, August 8, 2013

#JWLV - Yael Designs and The Best Things About Industry Tradeshows...

In some industries people dread the dreary Tradeshows and endless mind numbing lectures and rubber chicken dinners at Award Shows....

BUT - in the Jewelry Industry the upcoming Show is the Designers' "Call To Action"...the Retailers may have the only dread -the dreaded finding room in your "open to buy", but only because they know they will see far more beauty than they will ever be able to afford.

...and then we come to the Press covering these events - and I have tell you I would much rather be covering a Jewelry Tradeshow than a small appliances event - though I have to say Electronics would be fun also.

Now we come to the Yael Designs part of this post...this is a Designer that steps up their game for EVERY show - introducing a NEW piece or collection at each event!


Award-winning fine jewelry design house Yael Designs debuts Serendipity Collection for Fall 2013 at JCK Luxury Las Vegas.

Highlighting vibrant, vintage-inspired rose cut faceted emeralds of rare quality, Serendipity Collection includes earrings, cocktail rings and pendants set in 18K white and yellow gold and accented with diamonds.

Since visiting emerald museums in Colombia two years ago, CEO of Yael Designs Yehouda Saketkhou has been inspired to create an emerald collection and has been searching for a source of high quality emeralds that could be cut into slices without compromising the stone’s look.

“I was about to give up my search when Pantone announced emerald as the color of 2013,” said Saketkhou. “And right then, I suddenly came across my emerald source. It was so serendipitous that we immediately knew how to name this collection.”

The emeralds in Serendipity Collection have good clarity and rich green color that is offset by lustrous diamonds and gold setting to give the pieces an organic, yet luxurious feel.

“We shared our early designs with our fans on Facebook and received a tremendously positive response,” said Yael Designs’ marketing director Stefan Patashvili. “We’re very excited to bring this fashion collection to life.”

Debuting at JCK Las Vegas in June, the Serendipity Collection features bold, sophisticated statement pieces that will work well with blacks, greys and jewel tones trending for Fall 2013.

“We wanted to bring emerald slice jewelry to luxury buyers looking to add this beautiful, high fashion stone to their collections,” said Saketkhou.

The price for Serendipity Collection starts at $3,000. Photos of the collection can be found on

For JA New York

It was this stunning 36 carat Ametrine piece - don't you love the touch of whimsy in what would traditionally be a serious classic piece of jewelry?

...and at most shows they are displaying some of my favorite of my personal favorites are the incredible dancing yellow diamonds in the Luna Collection

I don't know about you but I can't wait to see what this amazing company brings to the rest of the shows this year - looks like Chicago is next on Yael's calendar!

One more thing about Yael Designs - they aren't afraid to show jewelry from other Designers - it takes a lot of experience for a Designer to realize that your customer shops other names and to be secure enough to show the work of other Designers...confident in the knowledge that your goods stand up next to them...for an eyeful of gorgeous things from Yael and many more, follow the Facebook page of this amazing Designer

So go out and discover new designs - new designers - new beauty - go to an Industry Tradeshow.

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