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Thursday, July 3, 2014

2014 Saul Bell Design Award Jewelry Design Winners

Saul Bell Design Award Jewelry Design Competition

The Saul Bell Design Award is a jewelry design competition that challenges jewelry artists
 to push the limits of jewelry design and imagination. 

Designers choose from among seven categories and create a piece that tells a story,
states their unique vision and encompasses the depth of their skill. 
You are encouraged to innovate. Play. Entertain & surprise us all!
2014 Categories

2014 Saul Bell Design Award Jewelry Design Winners

Alternative Metals/Materials: The predominant material can be any non-traditional metal (not covered in another category, including base metals and reactive metals) or material (including resin, glass, wood, found objects and textiles).

          First Place-Alternative Metals/Materials
          "Celestial Winds" 
          Zoltan David
          Bee Cave, Texas, USA

         Second Place-Alternative Metals/Materials
         "It Begins" 
         Elysha Roberts
         Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts, USA

Silver/Argentium Silver:  The predominant metal is silver or Argentium® Silver or a combination of both.
May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

                First Place-Silver/Argentium® Silver
                "The Cynosure II"
                Valerie Jo Coulson
                Pequea, Pennsylvania, USA

          Second Place-Silver/Argentium® Silver
          "Carnelian Wave"
          Bruce Hartman
          Carlisle, Pennsylvania, USA

Metal Clay:  The predominant material is metal clay (silver, gold, bronze, copper, etc.) and may include gemstones and other findings as desired.

              First Place-Metal Clay
              "Doors To My Dreams"
              Christi Anderson
              Marana, Arizona, USA

                  Second Place-Metal Clay
                  "Slavic Tales: Leshy"
                  Anna Mazon
                  Kraków, Poland

Enamel:  The predominant surface material must be glass-based enamels and may be fired on any type of metal.

              First Place-Enamel
              "Bobcat Secret" 
              Merry-Lee Rae
              Freedom, California, USA

                            Second Place-Enamel
                            "Luminous Ring-Mandarine Fish" 
                            Artem Kutyrev
                            Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

Hollowware/Art Objects: Includes vessels and non-wearable objects made of precious metal constructed primarily from milled stock using one or more metal forming techniques. Decorative cast components may be incorporated.

                   First Place-Hollowware/Art Objects
                   "Silver Filigree Vanity Mirror" 
                   Aleksandr Maryaskin
                   Yorktown, Virginia, USA

                         Second Place-Hollowware/Art Objects
                         "Oil Can Teapot" 
                         Sue Aygarn Kowalski
                         Carver, MA

Gold/Platinum:  The predominant metal is gold or platinum group metals including palladium or a combination.  May be cast, fabricated, forged, assembled or created with any combination of techniques.

                     First Place-Gold/Platinum
                     "Golden Kinematic: Ring"
                     Igor Salnikov
                     Ekaterinburg, Russian Federation

                          Second Place-Gold/Platinum
                          Andrea Koenig-Carnahan
                          Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Emerging Jewelry Artist:  Reserved for young designers, 18 years of age or younger, this category places no limitation on media used and requires only that the finished piece is wearable jewelry adornment and fabricated by the entrant.

                            First Place-Emerging Jewelry Artist
                            Luis Figueroa

                            Quito, Ecuador

                          Second Place-Emerging Jewelry Artist
                          "Renoir’s Desire"
                          Aneka Hausmann
                          Auburn, Washington, USA

                           Third Place-Emerging Artist
                           "Oriental Grace"
                           Inbum Yu                           Carrollton, Texas, USA

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