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Thursday, September 11, 2014

#MetalMan - "Metal Man: The Story of Victor Ries"

San Francisco Bay Area:  We are excited to announce that our labor of love, a Documentary Short Film (approx. 40 minutes) on the life of Victor Ries...has earned a space in two local Film Festivals. Screening info follows trailer below....

"Metal Man: 
The Story of Victor Ries" 

"Metal Man" is part of a three film package entitled "The Art of Life".  

Metal artist Victor Ries had his 100th birthday in October 2007. His works are rooted in the German tradition of fine craftsmanship and respect for materials. Mentored by famed international architect, Eric Mendelsohn he emigrated to America and became a founding member of the legendary Pond Farm artist collective and school located in Northern California. His work helped bring about a new direction in liturgical art developing in post war America. His work encompassed everything from fine jewelry to major 30' high sculptures. At the time the documentary was filmed he was still working at 102 years old.

Produced and Directed by Bill Chayes:  His career in film production, exhibition design and education began while working with classic film documentarians Richard Leacock at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and John Marshall at the Center for Documentary Anthropology in Cambridge, Mass.

Festival Program HERE
Bill began a teaching career at Tufts University and Clark University in Massachusetts that culminated when he became Senior Lecturer in Film Production at San Francisco State University and was awarded the Meritorious Performance and Professional Excellence Award.

He served Berkeley, California’s Magnes Museum as Exhibition Designer and Curator of Film, Photography, Digital Art and Music where he designed and/or curated over 70 major exhibitions.                 

Screening places, dates and times are as follows:

Sun October 5 at 16:00 in 142 Throckmorton, Mill Valley
Mon October 6 at 18:15 in Rafael 2 Theater, San Rafael

Tickets for our film "Metal Man: The Story of Victor Ries" at the Mill Valley Film Festival  go on sale this coming Sunday, Sept. 14th. 

For all information about where, when and how to purchase go to:

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