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Thursday, October 9, 2014

#MML #Csarite - Trademarks Granted for CSARITE® and CSARITE RARE.NATURAL.EXQUISITE® And Donates Large CSARITE® Gems to GIA Museum

Milenyum Mining Limited Granted Trademarks 
And Donates Large CSARITE® Gems to Museum

GIA Carlsbad Receives 2 Significant Gems

Milenyum Mining Limited (MML) is excited to announce that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted two trademarks to their company for the rare and unique gemstone, CSARITE®.  US Serial Number 86162962 was issued on July 22, 2014 for CSARITE®.  US Serial Number 86162943 was issued on August 5, 2014 for CSARITE RARE.NATURAL.EXQUISITE®.
Ethically sourced and responsibly mined at its sole known source deep in the mountains of the Anatolia region of Turkey, the CSARITE®  trademark will allow greater consumer recognition for this gemstone rapidly growing in popularity, but also help distinguish it from synthetics and simulants entering the market through unscrupulous dealers and retailers.

With the trademark now approved and registered, MML has stepped up its efforts to combat theft and illegal mining at the mine site by working closely with Turkish ministeries and army to monitor illegal activity and take immediate legal action when necessary.  The Milas County Courts recently approved the first conviction of an illegal miner who will face 12 months in prison and substantial financial fines.  Some 35 other individuals are being sued and more convictions will follow.
“As this lovely gemstone grows in popularity, it’s especially important that the quality and purity of natural CSARITE® is protected,” states Murat Akgun, president of Milenyum Mining Limited.  “With the granting of the name and slogan trademarks, our already transparent supply chain instills even greater confidence for our buyers”.

Akgun urges consumers interested in purchasing CSARITE®, and especially those traveling to Turkey, to only buy the gem from MML’s authorized retailers and distributors, which can be found on the web site  He urges all buyers to check the web site  frequently, as MML is constantly monitoring its distributors and the list may change due to their strict screening  policy.


Milenyum Mining Limited  recently donated two rare CSARITE® gemstones to GIA’s (Gemological Institute of America) museum in Carlsbad, Calif. 

CSARITE® is a natural color change gemstone actively mined at only one global source deep in the Anatolia Mountains of Turkey.  A 37.29 ct. Wobito® oval and an especially large 115.57 ct. cabochon gem that also exhibits chatoyancy, otherwise known as the cats eye effect, as well as a collection of 30 additional CSARITE® gemstones in a variety of sizes, shapes and cuts were given to the Institute.

“Only about 40 – 50% of the rough material is suitable enough to be considered for faceting,” explained Murat Akgun, president of Milenyum Mining Limited. “Of that amount, 98% is lost in the cutting process.  GIA’s appreciation for fine, rare gemstones makes it an especially appropriate home for these gems.”

“The beautiful, large oval and cabochon gems are truly display quality pieces,” stated Ottaway.  “And with more and more of this unusual material available in the marketplace, we very much appreciate having this assortment of gemstones to share with our students, researchers and visitors.”

ABOUT MILENYUM MINING LIMITED: MML is the world’s only source supply of CSARITE®, a natural, unenhanced color-change gemstone. Responsible for cutting and marketing of this phenomenal gemstone, MML’s mission is to introduce gem and jewelry connoisseurs around the globe to CSARITE®’s unique beauty and rarity. MML is a member of The International Colored Gemstone Association.  

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