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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#Endless Jennifer Lopez Launches New Collection For Endless JewelryUS

Jennifer Lopez and Endless Jewelry 
are pleased to announce a new long-term partnership 
to introduce a special exclusive collection of bracelets and charms 
bearing the JENNIFER LOPEZ trademark in USA
we present...
Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless Jewelry
Endless Jewelry is known for its colorful Boho Chic  bracelets in quality leather and it's wide range of classic and modern charms that are all the rage in Europe and is currently sweeping markets in North America. 

The combination of affordable luxury and bright colors, has made Endless Jewelry a colorful fashion statement across continents, and the addition of the Jennifer Lopez Collection, adds a new dimension to this vast collection which allows personalization.

Jennifer Lopez said “My exclusive collection with Endless Jewelry embraces the attitude of being fun and elegant at the same time. It is also about letting each woman express her personality through her jewelry. The collection will let women celebrate what is unique and beautiful about themselves."

Jennifer Lopez is a one of the biggest superstars on the planet, fans love her "Jenny from block" personality and admire her artistry, beauty and style. Now Endless Jewelry and Jennifer Lopez are joining forces to introduce a brand new collection of impeccably crafted, unique bracelets and charms, all reflecting the glamour and one of a kind personality of Jennifer Lopez and the quality of Endless Jewelry.

CEO and Founder of Endless Jewelry, Jesper Nielsen, is thrilled about the agreement:
“Endless Jewelry is all about being yourself, positivity and daring to show your colors whether you wish to be elegant, discrete or stand out. We offer women a way to personalize her jewelry by letting her mix and match classic and modern charms with her choice of color or colors of the day. It’s simple yet unique, and Jennifer Lopez’s extraordinary style and charisma perfectly represent the new collection. We are proud and delighted to be in this long-term relationship with Jennifer Lopez.”

The collection is available exclusively in fine jewelry stores across the United States and Canada.  Store locator here:

Jesper Nielsen’s foray into the jewelry business began in 2004 when he purchased a Pandora distibutorship, his noteriety began when news of his often peculiar-sounding business "stunts" hit the international news wires and just six years later he sold his European Pandora distributorship for over $270 million. Having forged his own path based on unique ideas, the courage to follow them, and trusting gut instincts, led to Nielsen's reputation for his relentless passion and his genuine charisma.

Today, following this tremendous success, Nielsen has launched Endless Jewelry - in Europe in 2013 (opening in more than 1,000 stores in the first 10 months) — and now in the US. Born from the concept that “everything is possible” and that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, Endless Jewelry features a modern, new twist on traditional charm bracelets.

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