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Thursday, November 6, 2014

#GuestPost #Watches - Eponymous Stephen Silver Watch Boutique Finds a Home in Menlo Park

I am honored beyond words to be able to feature the work of a woman I consider a mentor who has an international reputation for her ability to put pen to paper and produce some of the most beautifully structured prose.  Diana Jarrett is one of the most sought after freelance writers in the Luxury Industries, you may know her trademark feature column,  "The Story Behind The Stone" for the Midwest & Southern Jewelry News. A Gem Expert, Diana is a Graduate Gemologist and Registered Master Valuer.

Distinguished Jeweler Resonates with Riche

Stephen Silver Watch Boutique Shows How It's Done in Menlo Park

Stephen Silver likes jewels, but not just any kind. The ones attracting this celebrated jeweler are storied miniature works of art. They represent the foundation of his Silicon Valley based company. His business enjoys dynamic customer loyalty in response to his nurturing of clients who often become lifelong friends, and for his joyful philanthropic efforts.

Rare McLaren super cars dazzled Stephen Silver Watch Boutique
celebrants at the Rosewood at Sand Hill hotel,  Menlo Park, CA
Now Silver has taken a bold step with the opening of his eponymously named Stephen Silver Watch Boutique at the uber chic Rosewood Sand Hill Hotel in Menlo Park, CA. The ribbon cutting ceremony and by-invitation press event occurred on October 17, 2014. 

Guests get a close up preview of an extraordinary Victorian diamond tiara
Inside the sleek boutique, signed pieces fit for royalty glitter from within elegantly modern cases alongside supersized diamonds and Edwardian tiaras. 

Guests enjoyed discovering watches like those of Parmigiani
Across the aisle reside nine rare timepiece brands appearing like the Who's Who of horological triumphs. Rare limited editions from Richard Mille, Audemars Piguet, Ulysse Nardin, Laurent Ferrier, HYT, Arnold & Son, Ressence, Parmigiani, and DEVON comprise the stellar line up. Each of the carefully selected collections boasts heart-stopping technological feats. And that was the plan from the get-go. 

The rare 22 ct La Splendeur Doree diamond was on hand too
Menlo Park is arguably one of the most affluent regions in the US, perhaps the entire world. Sand Hill Road is where the scions of technology and venture capitalists hobnob in relative undisturbed privacy. This group's short list for what moves them in regards to luxury goods is quite different than you'd think. For example, they may want their timepiece to be as discreet as they are. They are also moved by innovation, not glitz. 
“Our collectors expect to find cutting-edge technology in a timepiece. Each of the brands offered excite the imagination of our clients in that respect,” notes Andrew Block, president of Stephen Silver Fine Jewelry. “These timepieces resonate with the Menlo Park demographic who have extraordinary wealth but don’t walk around flaunting it,” he finds.
Stephen Silver company president Andrew Block
and Stephen Silver share a light moment
“These are not brands one finds elsewhere,” Block points out. Mainstream watches can be found in malls all over the country, he adds. “Our timepieces are not for everyone, and that’s fine. The exclusive watches at our boutique speak to a discerning clientele,” Block explains. “We have a different level of watch fans that are true aficionados and know each watch in there.”
 Innovative hydro-mechanical small edition HYT watch
Silver may be raising the bar on a new business model for the luxury goods sector. With the Stephen Silver Watch Boutique at least, he seems to have hit the trifecta; melding expertise with top tier brands to a demographic who expect to be wowed by real innovation. 
Leading industry expert Bill Boyajian who attended the celebratory event thinks so. “Steve has executed on a concept with his niche boutique that has a great prospect of being a game-changer in the industry; offering a new model to the rich and famous.”

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