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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

YES! an #Olympic #Jewelry Story! It Happened In The Pool #JewelryMoment

First - allow me a moment to introduce Kathleen Baker, 2016 Women's Olympic Swim Team.  This is a video she did earlier this year for USA Swimming.

In the piece the nineteen year old headed to Rio with the 7th fastest time in the world and a fiercely competitive nature from a very young age.

In a recently published New York Times piece  she reflects on "coming out" about her battle with Chron’s disease and the nay-sayers that said she couldn't swim competitively.

She also brings up her superstitions surrounding swim meet attire, which usually includes “blue sparkle Uggs” and her connection with pearls and the pearl earrings she wears to every meet.

Following her qualifying round it was brought to her attention ( while she spoke to the poolside interviewer) that one of her trademark pearl earrings was missing!  Had she lost it during the celebration in the pool following the prelims?  ...or on the deck while lining up for the obligatory post event interviews?

The staff at the Olympic Swimming venue went above and beyond to recover the missing pearl earring...  see the video here:

They found it!

Continuing to surprise people, Cal Sophomore Kathleen Baker, won the Silver medal in the women’s 100 Back final on Monday night.   

Her hometown paper, The Charlotte Observer quoted her as follows: 
"A giddy Baker first described the race afterward like this: “So incredible! I mean I went a best time and just got a medal! I couldn’t even put into words how happy I am and how grateful for the amount of support I have here from the teammates and coaches along the way. It just takes a village for everyone to get me here and I couldn’t be happier.”

...and due to the diligence of the Olympic venue she appeared on the podium to accept her Silver Medal in her pearl earrings.

I am loving Kathleen's style her nail polish ROCKS and all us "pearly girls" need to stick together.

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