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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Gemmy Partnership - Columbia Gem House & Sapphires of Montana #TheDailyJewel

from a Press Release

Columbia Gem House 
and Sapphires of Montana Unite

Merger aims to increase production and availability of Montana Sapphires.

Representatives from Columbia Gem House and Sapphires of Montana announced today that the two companies have united resulting in “Sapphires of Montana by Columbia Gem House”.

Columbia Gem House is the industry leader in Fair Trade and responsibly sourced gemstones with mine to market traceability, and is the largest supplier of gemstones mined in America.  

As a vertically integrated company, Columbia Gem House also provides heating, cutting and US jewelry manufacturing to customers world-wide. 

Sapphires of Montana’s expertise lies in the branding, marketing and sale of Rock Creek Montana Sapphires. The merger has come about to increase the production and availability of Montana Sapphires under the successful brand, “Sapphires of Montana”.

Columbia Gem House, a family business, was founded by Eric Braunwart 40 years ago and is known as the largest supplier of brand name gemstones. For the past 15 years, the company has focused on producing Fair Trade gems with a transparent supply chain from mine to market. Of the merger Eric said, “It’s a natural fit to bring in additional strength in sapphires of a Montana origin in a market that is growing almost faster than we can keep up.”
 Owned and operated by women,  
Sapphires of Montana was founded by Lisa Brooks-Pike and Margo Bedman in 2012. After a successful sell-out show on QVC the company expanded its focus to supporting a clientele of young up-and-coming millennial and established independent designers. 

“Since Sapphires of Montana was modeled on the Fair Trade, mine to market principals of Columbia Gem House, uniting the brands is a positive next step,” says Lisa. 

“Our business ethics and ideals are in alignment,” says Margo, adding, “Merging the Sapphires of Montana brand with Columbia Gem House allows us to provide a sustainable supply of Montana Sapphires to the industry.”

In conjunction with the merger, Lisa Brooks-Pike, co-owner and VP of Sales and Marketing for Sapphires of Montana will continue with Columbia Gem House as Marketing Director. Clients are assured the same high level of customer service along with a larger selection and long term consistent supply of Montana Sapphires.

Columbia Gem House:
A family business founded in 1976 offering natural gemstones and jewelry handcrafted in the USA.    
Ethical • Fair Trade • Responsibly Sourced

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