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Thursday, June 1, 2017

#JWLV - A Peak at What to See at Couture #CoutureLV

From a Press Release

Victor Velyan
Inspired by the old Aragon world, artist Victor Velyan has a deep appreciation of both gemstones, and metallurgy. A "mad scientist" of metal work, Victor's proprietary patinas give his work a distinctive and quickly identifiable aesthetic. His jewelry is sophisticated and edgy, with a rock n' roll edge that Victor himself embodies. The above cuff  showcases moonstones set in 18k gold that has been hand-etched with a diamond to create its unique texture.

Salon 211

Arman Sarkisyan  
Artistry runs in Arman Sarkisyan's veins! As a young boy, Arman looked on in awe and fascination at the work of his father, a master jeweler in Russia and Armenia. Later, under his father's tutelage, Arman began to hone his own craft. Juxtaposing old-world techniques with a contemporary aesthetic, Arman uses techniques from a by-gone era in the creation and perfection of intricate details that set his work apart. The above bracelet is crafted in 22k gold with diamonds.

Salon 150

Jordan Alexander 
The designer behind Jordan Alexander, Theresa Harper Bruno, is a Juilliard trained musician, an educator, a philanthropist and a visionary who makes jewelry that represents her own elegant but free-spirited style. With a nod to classic silhouettes, Theresa adds feminine and contemporary twists that push the boundaries of imagination and explore the depths of beauty, while maintaining the standards of heirloom quality jewelry. The above ring is crafted in 18k gold and features a your choice of a spessartite garnet or a moonstone surrounded by diamonds.

Salon 601

Established in 1979 by a French pearl farmer and a Filipino entrepreneur,Jewelmer has grown globally to represent a world of rarity and enduring elegance. With a passion for perfection, the brand utilizes both innovative methods and historical traditions in its creation of wearable works of art. The above necklace is from the brand's Tropics collection, and echoes the beauty of golden sunbeams and flourishing foliage. Diamonds, gold and South Sea pearls speak to how Mother Nature should be treasured and respected.

Salon 146

Margery Hirschey
Designer Margery Hirschey incorporates ancient styles and techniques with a contemporary sensibility. With a background in both fine art and couture dressmaking, Margery focuses on both fascinating color combinations and a unique symmetry in the creation of jewelry that challenges widely held beliefs on the confines of "fine jewelry." Each piece in Margery's collection is hand-crafted using recycled metals and hand cut gemstones. The above pendant features an aquamarine and a baroque, freshwater pearl set in 18k gold.

Salon 515

Born in Japan, raised in New York, and currently residing in Southern California, elements of Mizuki's rich, cultural heritage are incorporated into all of her designs. Named by her grandmother to symbolize purity, vitality and fluidity, Mizuki's work is both sophisticated, and edgy. With a BFA in sculpture, Mizuki continually combines her love of both fashion and art in her beautifully modern designs. The above ring is part of the designer's  Fluid collection, and features Pistachio Tahitian pearls in an evocative 18k gold setting.

Salon 902

Carla Amorim 
Carla Amorim was born in Brazil, and since launching her line in 1994, she's based all of her creative work on nature in all of its forms, and the architecture of Brazil with the brilliant lines of Oscar Niemeyer, one of the key figures in the development of modern architecture. Using a kaleidoscope of colors, Carla brings Brazil to life with both structure, and fluidity, always ensuring quality of materials and craftsmanship. The above Cachoeira earrings are made in 18k gold with diamonds and peridot (other gems available) and are from the brand's Cerrado collection.

Salon 1107

Atelier Zobel
Atelier Zobel designer Peter Schmid approaches life with a child-like appetite for discovery and curiosity. Inspired by travel, street art, contemporary and medieval architecture, patterns, textures and interesting people that he meets all over the world, Peter's work is often a study in contrasts. He enjoys creating juxtapositions between two unusual objects, or highlighting the contrast between opposites. Often referred to as a "stone whisperer," Peter sees the individual personalities in the stones he works with, like this Cat's Eye tourmaline set in 18k and 20k gold.

Salon 517

Anthony Lent
Artist Anthony Lent has been hand-crafting fine jewelry for both men and women for almost 50 years. His skull rings are based on the anatomical illustrations by figures such as Leonardo da Vinci, well-known for his fascination with the human body, and Andreas Vesalius, regarded as the father of modern human anatomy. Like these renaissance illustrations, Anthony's skull sculptures are works of art that can fool us into thinking they're based on real, human skulls. The above pearl skull ring is crafted in 18k gold.

Salon 106


Franck Dubarry 
The adventurous, surprising and unique details of Franck Dubarry timepieces are conceived from the French ideals of freedom, and crafted with the know-how of Swiss watchmaking. The brand is committed to creating timepieces that moves at the rhythm of its wearer's life, wherever it might lead, without limitations. The above watch features a Fileteado engraving pattern and carbon fiber bezel with soft touch bezel, crown inserts and a silver dial with Fileteado pattern. Its 24-hour dial breaks classical conventions of a 12-hour revolution.


...and new this year, Yoga with Anne Sportun, Sunday, June 4th at 7:30am

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