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Sunday, June 18, 2017

#JWLV Take a Walk Through the AGTA Gemfair Las Vegas #AGTAGemfairLasVegas

What an amazing array of gems gems gems....I will be taking a closer look at some of these vendors in the next few days, but I thought you might like to check out the place!

The AGTA Gemfair is part of the larger JCK Las Vegas Show - but it opens a day earlier...with that in mind...lets take a walk.....

I always enter to see my friends at Prima Gems USA

I couldn't believe how deep tthe color of this Rubellite was!

This carved starfish caught my eye on my way to check out Columbia Gem House....

Sustainable, Ethically Sourced Columbia Gem House

These Intarsia carved pieces were gorgeous

....a new company for me - but so much fun to talk to Krishaili Gems from New York....Radha is a delight and her brother is a wealth of information on the mining in Madagascar  

Just a couple of their fabulous Liddicoatite Slices

Just cruising down the aisle and saw this stunning display - that front gem is the size of my fist!!!

An AGTA post isn't complete with out a visit to John Dyer Gems 

....and the Trapiche KINGS at Mayer & Watt

Loved the cat's eye Siberian Jade!

There was beauty all around....
Looks like TAKAT Emeralds to me

One of the best surprises was seeing Lithographie in the Lobby in front of the show floor 
with their new "Diamond" book!

If I didn't use the name of your company with your photo please correct me in the comments....

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