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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Jewelry Television The Sisk Gemology Reference, 3 Volume, Professional Edition #JTV #GemBook

JTV introduces The Sisk Gemology Reference, Professional Edition at the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show.

Jerry Sisk was a Gemologist, as well as the co-Founder and Executive Vice President at JTV.  With the Tucson Gem Shows just around the corner, and the info for this post sitting in my Inbox, I found myself procrastinating getting this info up.  I didn't know Jerry Sisk well but we knew each other to say hi as we passed each other walking across the street to get from the Tucson Convention Center to the GJX Show.  The few times we sat down to talk, usually about my Tucson Gem Show - Live!  blog.  I couldn't help but notice the passion Jerry had for the Industry and Oh Boy did the Industry love him!  I used to get a giggle watching this big guy dressed in a black suit with a dozen or more guys vying for his attention, all talking at the same time.

About the Author, Jerry Sisk:

It takes a village....In 1993, Sisk co-founded what would become Jewelry Television together with two partners and longtime friends, Bob Hall and Bill Kouns. The new home shopping channel was broadcast from a small studio in Greeneville, Tennessee, utilizing just one television camera.  From its humble start, Jewelry Television, which calls itself the largest retailer of loose gemstones in the United States, employed more than 1,200 people at the time of Sisk's unexpected death.

These are the people, his family, who took on the Herculean task of making Jerry's dream come true...they published his book.

The Sisk Gemology Reference, Professional Edition    By Jerry Sisk. A three-volume set, The Sisk Gemology Reference, Professional Edition, is a gemstone library at your fingertips. Featuring over 1, 000 pages and more than 2, 000 photos, it will delight all, from those relatively new to the amazing world of gemstones to professional gemologists and jewelers long established in their careers. 

This comprehensive reference guide was the ultimate labor of love and a longtime mission of beloved late Jewelry Television Co-Founder Jerry Sisk, whose undeniable passion for gemstones never waned but only grew stronger with time. 

Jerry's untimely passing left the task of completing the reference guide to our highly skilled team of gemologists and scientists. 

Volume 1, Prominent Gems
...delves into the history, science, lore, sources, treatments, and varieties (if applicable) of more than 100 well-known gems, including diamond, ruby, emerald, sapphire, and tanzanite. Also included is an easy-to-comprehend study of gemstones and their properties. 

Volume 2, Noteworthy Gems ...explores over 100 other rare and exotic gemstones, such as danburite, kyanite, pezzottaite, and sphene. 

Volume 3, Gallery of Gems a pictorial compilation of incredible gemstones, jewelry, and mineral specimens sure to leave you breathless as each page is turned. 

The Professional Edition comes to you encased in a protective slipcase to ensure years of use and enjoyment. Jerry's passion for gemstones is evident as you begin reading Volume 1 and soon find yourself engrossed and will continue as you peruse Volumes 2 and 3. The first edition set is available in limited quantities and only for a limited time. We extend this personal invitation to immerse yourself by taking a delightful foray into the world of gemstones!

Gemstone Reference Book; 3 Volume; Professional Edition With Slip Case By Jerry Sisk. The Set Includes Volume 1 Prominent Gems, Volume 2 Noteworthy Gems, Volume 3 Gallery Of Gems. 

For All Non-north American Orders Please Please Contact Customer Care At 1-800-619-3000.



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