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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Through My Microscope: a look inside the gemstones

Through My Microscope
by Robert James FGA, GG

The world of gemstones from a unique perspective!

We are pleased to announce the publication of a very special gemstone photography book based on the work of the ISG over the past year.
The microscopic world of gemstones is rarely seen by consumers. Through My Microscope takes you on a 110 page journey into the inner world of gemstones that only a microscope can show you, and only an expert can guide you.

From up close images of ancient bugs in amber to strange inclusions that seem out of this world, this book takes you on a tour that most never get a chance to see.
Don't miss this opportunity to travel through rare and unusual gemstones from the expert perspective of Robert James, President of the International School of Gemology.

Available in soft and hard cover editions. Take a tour of the first 15 pages and order your copy by clicking here to review this new book from the ISG: Through My Microscope

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