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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Christine Dhein's Green Jewelry News!

Summer Exhibitions Go Green!
Reclaim, Renew, Reuse, Repurpose

articles of hope

Left: 21st Century Breastplate in repurposed circuit boards, brass and rubber by Christine Dhein
. Right: Maharaja's 6th in repurposed LEGO by emiko oye

As an artist who has been making jewelry from recycled materials for over a decade, I am very aware of the growing interest from both the public and the art world in this type of art.

Ten years ago, there wasn't much interest in or understanding of jewelry made from recycled materials. This summer, I have been invited to participate in several exhibitions with the theme of reuse.

When my work is on exhibit, I include statements to communicate ideas and challenge beliefs about consumption with the hope of inspiring viewers to see the potential value in the discarded in a whole new way.

At the opening reception of
re/Purposed (details below) two ladies were admiring my 21st Century Breastplate. When they found out I was the artist, they exclaimed in unison, "One man's trash is another man's treasure!" I knew my message had been heard loud and clear!

to use or convert for use in another
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The work of Christine Dhein and emiko oye is featuerd in re/Purpose, the opening exhibition at the new African American Art & Culture Complex'sSargent Johnson Gallery in San Francisco from July 23 - Oct 11, 2009. The opening reception was a huge success!

repurpose opening

emiko oye and Christine Dhein in front of their work at the opening reception of re/Purpose

Reclaim, Reuse, Renew

Christine Dhein's work will be featured in
Reclaim, Reuse, Renew, at the Atrium Gallery, Ball State University from August 25 - September 26, 2009.

Christine Dhein is a jewelry designer, author, and eco-educator who has been using recycled materials for over ten years.

Christine's jewelry can be purchased online

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